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Updated: 6/01/19

Secure your 220 Savage barrel upgrade, for 2019 NOW, with a [non-refundable] $300.00 deposit. Upgrade installations; we try to install barrels by the order date of the DEPOSIT and arrival of the gun at TarHunt. Starting mid-late summer, possibility sooner.

Deposit Instructions: This deposit, will make sure we order the right number of each of the #1 and #2 configurations. These deposit barrels will be installed in the order they come in.  Later in the year the selection of which number update is available could be limited your selection.   Send a check (made out to TarHunt) for $300.00 along with the following information..

Send an email to  [ ]   It must contain the following information for the order to be processes as soon as it comes into TarHunt. If I need to chase down information it will delay processing.

1) Your name, address, phone number, the best time to call the number, is it your cell?

2) If it is not your cell does your wife know)?

3) Which barrel upgrade do you want, the #1 or #2 upgrade?

4) A copy of your drivers license, your states Firearm ID Card (if required). The license copy will be needed later on when the gun is shipped back to you, from TarHunt).

5) #1 barrel upgrade and a Boyd’s stock replacements: If you are going to use the #1 barrel upgrade you can go ahead and just order a Savage 220 stock and have it dropped shipped to TarHunt (THCI). Their is no need to read any further.

6)  (Include a $300.00 deposit when shipping your  gun as of 6-01-19.

Upgrades, using either the #1 or #2 barrel with a Boyd’s Laminate stock: 

If you are going to upgrade to a Boyd’s Laminate stock along with a barrel upgrade; order it directly form Boyd’s and have it dropped shipped directly to TarHunt (THCI), care of (your name).       Savage only makes one stock pattern and it is used on BOTH the Savage 212 and the Savage 220. The stock fits the 212 barrel diameter correctly. When the 220 gun barrel is placed into the Savage factory 212 gun stock the barrel channel is noticeably oversize.

    NOTE:   When Boyd’s makes a Laminate stock for either of the 220 or 212 slug gun, the barrel channel is made the proper diameter for each gauge barrel so they look proper. Because you want to use the (#2) 12ga Fluted diameter size barrel (with a 20ga rifled hole); It requires that the stock ordered from Boyd’s must be ordered as a model 212 Savage slug gun to get the correct 12ga  barrel channel opening for the #2 barrel. Any questions about this issue, please Call 570-784-6368 (9am-4pm weekdays) before ordering.


More on the Two  Different Barrel Upgrades for the Savage 220

I have talked to thousands of Savage 220 owners since November 2016. It has becoming obvious that some OF THE EARLY 220 Savage slug guns may have lose barrels, a poor fit into their stock, or the barrel may not be quite SAAMI spec. Some early  Savage 220 slug guns, when firing the 20ga Schrifle™ rounds are producing the same size groups as other makes of sabot ammo. When average size groups appears, usually the inside diameter of the barrel is larger than a SAAMI specification for a 20ga diameter barrel. For the near future, TarHunt will offers a less costly 6-round sample box for testing your barrel in  addition to the normal 10-round production box.  Only testing your barrel can tell if your ready to enjoy the 20ga Schrifle series of new slug technology. The NeoTec Copper 365gr is a non-lead slug,   “The first ever, RIFLE DESIGN, ammo for rifled barrel slug guns”!!! 

The 20ga Schrifle™ slug must fit the barrel exactly like a rifle bullet fits the bore of a center fire rifle barrel. The 20ga Schrifle™ round was designed to be fired thru a SAAMI spec rifled slug barrel. SAAMI specification for a rifled slug barrel ONLY allows for a .002ths maximum tolerance period!

Upgrade #1:   TarHunt is offering a SAAMI spec, Stainless Steel, Premier, button rifled, matte finished barrel, in a (non-fluted) factory replacement format for the Savage 220. This SS Premier barrel has a slightly heavier wall thickness than the factory barrel and should  not require any inlet adjustment.  The #1 replacement barrel is 24 inches long with a 1-24 twist rate. It has muzzle diameter of .825ths at the end of the muzzle brake and adds only a few ounces in weight to the gun. The barrel is threaded for the Savage action and has a 3″chamberThis barrel will be set up as a “change it yourself” but it will required access to an Savage Barrel nut Wrench and a 20ga Head Space Gauge If needed, these installation tools will be available and sold as a set.  POR

The #1 barrel upgrade cost is $265.00  as a do it yourself configuration.  Plus shipping         

The #1 barrel upgrade installed by TarHunt is: $335.00 Plus shipping.

Glass bedding the action into a “Fiberglass or Wooden replacement stock” is $90.00 extra. This includes opening up the barrel channel if needed. Just opening the barrel without glass bedding the action is $25.00 extra. Bedding the action into the factory synthetic stock can be done but is not recommended.


The #2 barrel upgrade installed by TarHunt:  (shown in the Savage picture below and on the home page)

The Savage 220 slug gun shown there has the #2 Upgrade installed.  This #2 replacement barrel is 24 inches long, 1-24 twist rate, Stainless Steel, Heavy Weight Premier button rifled, matte finish barrel, muzzle break, Helical Fluting with a 3″chamber. The #2 barrel is a 12ga tapered blank with a 20ga rifled bore; then fluted for weight reduction, strength, and faster cooling . It has a muzzle diameter of .875ths at the end of the Muzzle Brake and adds approximately 8 ounces in weight to the overall gun. This #2  barrel has a much heavier wall thickness than the standard Savage 220 factory slug barrel but it will fit into the factory stocks. The  220 Boyd’s stock “will require” a barrel channel inlet adjustment because the out side diameter is a 12ga tapper. It will fit into a Factory Savage 212 stock as referenced above.

Since this heavier barrel taper is locked up tight against the recoil lug and action face; a ground recoil lug may be used “if needed” in between barrel and the action face.  The Savage barrel nut locking system will be used on the #2 upgrade due to the inherit design of the 220 Savage action. This heavier barrel will be solidly tighten to place. Insuring the barrel stays tight while it is under the heavy recoil and torque, generated by a heavy bore size projectile turning at 55,000+ rpms. Remember a slug can weight 2-4 times more weight of a rifle projectile. And the actual amount of time the slug spends in the barrel of a slug gun is much longer than rifles at 2650fps and above.

The #2 barrel update is $450.00  installed.

Glass bedding the action into a “Fiberglass or Wooden replacement stock” is $85.00 extra, this includes opening up the barrel channel for the #2 barrel. Opening the barrel channel for a #2 barrel without glass bedding the action is $25.00 extra. A ground recoil lug, if needed, is $30.00. Bedding the action into the factory synthetic stock can be done but it is not recommended. 


NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without notice.     As much as a $90.00  (NON-REFUNDABLE)  charge will be assessed against any original deposit for any cancellations on the owners behalf; to offset return shipping costs..

This has NOTHING to due with the $100.00 UP FRONT deposit for the Stainless Steel barrel.


For your reference:   The Internal size of a SAAMI specification rifled slug barrel: On top of the rifling (bore diameter) is .609ths minimum and .611ths is the maximum diameters.  In the bottom of the rifling between the lands (grove diameter) is .618ths minimum and .620ths maximum diameter. The 20ga NeoTec Copper 365gr projectile is .619ths in diameter, exactly in the middle of the (grove diameters) .618ths min.  <.619ths>  and 620ths max.


 Liability clause:    The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the proper installation of this number one (1) barrel upgrade on the Savage 220 bolt action slug gun. This includes setting the headspace to the proper SAAMI specification and applying the proper torque on the barrel nut. Once the barrel nut is properly torqued and the head space is rechecked; the purchaser must stamp/mark the barrel with the proper markings as follows [  20ga. 3”  1-24tr.  ] in an easily readable position on the barrel. Check the muzzle brake after cleaning for a bore obstruction, such as a stuck cleaning patch. Check the holes in the muzzle break for carbon/plastic build up every 2 years minimum. There is no implied accuracy guarantee or implied liability, with any barrel TarHunt did not install.        NOTE:  TarHunt is not responsible for any and all damages to the firearm(s), person(s) firing the firearm, and/or person(s) as bystanders, due to the improper installation of any barrel that TarHunt did not install or due to the failure of the Savage 220 action.


The Savage 220 slug gun shown here has the #2 Upgrade installed.

This barrel is a SAAMI spec, Premier,  SS- button rifled barrel, 24 inch overall length, 1-24″ twist rate,  (heavy wall barrel), with a matte SS finished, Helical Fluted, 3″ chamber and a Muzzle Brake as standard.          Cost $450.00. +UPS