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Dear Randy, What makes lightfield ammo, specifically the 3″ commander IDS and the Commander IDS Plus 3.5″ cartridges with so much more velocity than other major magnum brand slugs? How is the extreme velocity accomplished? Please specify. Thank You, Robert Santini

Because slugs are all we make. We have had our own powders formulated for the weight slug we use and how fast we want it to go.

The same holds true with the TarHunt slug guns. “It cost less to buy the best”. We are serious about sabot slugs and slug guns. Not just loading slugs and making guns as one of 1000 different types of products.

I have a remington 1187 with cantilever scope mount with red dot scope that i use only for shooting hornady sst…i see you do conversions for the 870…do you guys do your barrell conversions for that gun?

TarHunt only converts the 870 Rem. pump guns. I cannot convert any of the auto loaders because the owner must be able to remove the barrel to service the gas ports from time to time.

We are now pinning the barrels on these gas guns.

Aside from any obvious things, how can one tell when a scope has gone bad?

If you shoot a number of rounds without changing the adjusters or the point of aim, a bad scope will start to show two or three separate groups, sometimes in a triangular shape. Each impact point will form a group, if enough rounds are fired. But the slug impact will move from one to the other group in between shots. Shots that continually go against the wind is another good indication…

Hi Randy! I have read about the effect cross winds have on slugs, specifically when they are travelling less than supersonic, for example at 100 yards. My questions is what is the effect of direct head-on wind and direct tail wind on a slug? I would assume it will move point of impact up or down but which way? Thanks, Dan

Dan, A direct head wind, wind pushing on the nose of the slug, will push the slug impact lower. A tail wind tends to hold the slug up, making it seem as if it dosen’t drop a much. ANY ANGLE other than directly on the nose or tail, off of the center line pushing on a slug, and all bets are off as to how much it will move and in what direction it will go. It then becomes a differential pressure issue.

I am considering ordering your RSG-12 gun. I am a right-handed shooter that is left eye domin