“What We Do”

    “Out of the Box Thinking”  “Industry Trend Setting Ideas”!


2023: The 20ga NeoTec™ FLC(Full Length Case round is a lead free, hollow Copper Slug”.  The NeoTec™ FLC round uses the “Hollow Bullet with Truss” patent design and a polymer core, as the truss. The last new slug was the all lead “FOSTER Rifle Slug” designed for smooth bores, 86+ years ago”.

Both the 20ga 2 ¾” NeoTec™ FLC and the 20ga 3” NeoTec™ FLC 355gr Copper design slugs are an example of “Out of the Box Thinking.”  They must be used in their designated chamber length for “top performance”.  Just order you slugs by the longest chamber size marked on your barrel and you will have the right slug for your slug gun!

“THE TECHNOLOGY: Behind our Hollow Copper Slug”.

The “Hollow Slug with Truss” design removes the lead core used in projectiles for over 200 years and replaces it with a strong, light weight, pressurized, elastomer-polymer truss. This new type of core is flexible enough to allow the side walls of the hollow copper slug to lock into the rifling and upsetting to the inside diameter of the barrel. These two events taking place are critical to insure consistency by eliminating the wild flyers caused by an out of round slug or under-rotated slug. After the slug has upset in size the pressurized elastomer truss remains strong enough to support the thin wall copper 0-jive area (pointed part of the slug) from collapsing inward while the slug is being forced thru the barrel. Upon impact, the pressurized elastomer truss also aids in the rapidly (outward) expansion of the 0-jive area.

2022: It was at this point in time the 20ga 2.2″ Schrifle round was slated for use only in it’s own length 2.2″ custom chamber. When the 2 .2 ” Schrifle case is fired in a factory 3″ SAAMI chamber. The case is to short in length to properly seal off the chamber before the slug itself seals the bore. Resulting in various amounts of pressure lost from round to round causing various degrees of accuracy!

2021: The first full hunting season for the 20ga 2 3/4″ and 3″ NeoTec FLC (Full Length Case) 355gr Copper series slug rounds. They are loaded with the same “Hollow Bullet with Tuss” slug patent as the Schrifle round. Only the the Schrifle slug remains 10 grains heavier at 365 grains.

Both accuracy and preformance have been well recieved.  Each of the two 20ga NeoTec FLC (Full Length Case) 355gr rounds are specificly loaded for the corsponding length factory chamber; to achieve the best Possible accuracy. The 355gr FLC Copper slug expand to the size of a silver dollar and retained around 300 grains of it’s original weight of 355 grains. That’s 83% weight retention!

2020:  The 20ga NeoTec FLC series, uses the “Hollow Bullet with Truss” Schrifle slug, with the o-jive slightly altered to use it in a factory hull in 2 3/4″ and 3″.  But then Covid-19 stop all availability of any type of compoments selection or production.

2019:  The 20ga Schrifle™ round is a High Performance  slug round with the projectile sticking out the front of a plastic, rifle like case; while looking more like a normal big bore rifle round.”

2017:  The 20ga Schrifle series Copper slug. A non-sabot, bore size .619ths diameter (green)  Copper slug. Weighting 365 grains at a velocity of 1800fps. With a muzzle energy of 2626 ftlbs. Capable of a 4″ total trajectory curve for the first 150 yards, dual aiming concept out at 200 yards, when properly zeroed.    The first “hollow slug” patent # 9,372,058 B2.

2016: The 20ga Schrifle Raptor 270 grain at 1975 feet per second. with 2400ftlbs of energy and dropping 7.01″ at 200 yards, using a 150yard zero. The 240 and 260gr slugs were dropped from the slug line up.

2015: The first non-sabot, true bore size, concept slug round for big game hunting with a rifled barrel shot gun.   The 20ga Schrifle Raptor. A full diameter .619ths,  240gr – 260gr slug, at 2000+fps using ALV-Lead aloy. Loaded into a new design high pressure rifle-type plastic case with close to 50% of the slug extending out side of the mouth of the case.  “Case and Hollow slug”  patent # 9,395,163