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“ENVY” model Stainless Steel RSG-20ga. or RSG-12ga.

“The RSG Action design was pickedby Field & Stream as one of the 50 best guns ever designed”
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RSG-12 Professional Stainless Steel 12 gauge (Blacken Barreled action POR)

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Basic DSG-12-Rem. 870 Conversion

Deer gun with a fixed, fully rifled barrel
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“Half Dollar Size Expansion, 82% Weight Retention, Flattest Shooting, More Energy Down Range”.

“No longer just a slug gun, but not quite a rifle, it’s a Schrifle” TarHunt-Premier “NeoTec” Copper 365gr NeoTec Copper (green) slug.      “The first, RIFLE DESIGN, ammo for rifled barrel slug guns”!!  Introducing  the newest 20ga Schrifle: “NeoTec Copper 365gr” bore size slug. The facts speak for themselves as seen in the accompanying photos below. Look […]

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Announcing Savage 220 upgrades!

Two  Different Barrel Upgrades for the Savage 220 I have lost track (hundreds) of the number of Savage 220 owners I have talked to since November 2016. It has becoming obvious that some OF THE EARLY 220 Savage slug guns; may have lose barrels barrels, a poor fit into their stock, or the barrel may […]

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Bolt Action Rifled Slug Guns

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