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“ENVY” model Stainless Steel RSG-20ga. or RSG-12ga.

“The RSG Action design was pickedby Field & Stream as one of the 50 best guns ever designed”
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DSG-12ga-Straight rifled or smooth bore

DSG-12ga 870 Express – Basic Conversion (as shown–scopes & rings NOT included)

Deer gun with a fixed, fully rifled barrel
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RSG-12 Professional Stainless Steel 12 gauge (Blacken Barreled action POR)

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TarHunt – Savage 220 barrel upgrades! “SECURE your UPGRADED BARREL for the 2020 Season- NOW”!

TarHunt Slug Updated: 5/23/20 NEWS:   The 20ga Schrifle™ 365gr. Copper slug added accuracy is because it was designed as a rifle cartridge clone, to be fired thru a rifled barrel, in a popper length of chamber. For peak accuracy it must be fired in a 2.1 OAL chamber that is designed for the 20ga. Schrifle™ […]

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“Half Dollar Size Expansion, 82% Weight Retention, Flatter Trajectory, FROM YOUR 20 GA, with 12ga Performance Down Range”.

NEW:   “OUT OF THE BOX THINKING” – “INDUSTRY TREND SETTING IDEA”!     “The first, RIFLE DESIGN, 20ga rifle barrel slug ammo”!  Schrifle 365gr Copper 2.1″ case length ammo available now! Watch for other Schrifle series: NeoTec 365gr Copper slugs, in both 20 & 12 gauge in 2 3/4″ and 3″ rounds. After 30+ years: NOW- […]

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Bolt Action Rifled Slug Guns

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