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ENVY 20 ga. or 12 ga.

“The RSG Action design was pickedby Field & Stream as one of the 50 best guns ever designed”
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DSG-12-Rem. 870 Wingmaster Conversion

Deer gun with a fixed, fully rifled barrel
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20ga “Schrifle™” New 20ga. Slug Round, for Rifled Barrels, from TarHunt

"Schrifle" info updated- October 4, 2017.     The New 365gr  NeoTec Copper slug is the newest slug in the TarHunt 20ga Schrifle series.  It is a high performance, full expanding, copper slug at 1800fps. It is flying at the same velocity as other popular sabot rounds, but it weights a full 100+ grains more weight! Due to the difference in the cost of the Alv alloy used for [...] Read More


Emergency Close Range Zeroing Points for Lightfield Ammo

HERE IS A METHOD FOR AN (emergency scope ZERO check). IF YOU DROP YOUR GUN AND YOU DON’T KNOW IF IT IS STILL ZEROED. . . You can CHECK YOUR  a 100 yd. ZERO in the field by firing a shot AT THE CORRESPONDING CLOSE RANGE ZERO.   Measured the distance as good as you can because a [...] Read More

Bolt Action Rifled Slug Guns

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