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“The RSG Action design was pickedby Field & Stream as one of the 50 best guns ever designed”
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Deer gun with a fixed, fully rifled barrel
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20ga “Schrifle™” New 20ga. Slug Round, for Rifled Barrels, from TarHunt

"Schrifle" info updated--Friday 4/24/17   1:00 pm.    Ballistic data now showing a 270gr Raptor HP @ 2100fps. At this point in time, it appears to be the heaviest weight slug useable in the 2100fps range. This slug is 40 gains heavier than the cautious first 240gr Schrifle, but at about the same velocity. Schrifle slugs  weighting in the 300-350 [...] Read More


Emergency Close Range Zeroing Points for Lightfield Ammo

THIS METHOD CAN BE USED FOR AN (emergency field sight in check) IF YOU DROP YOUR GUN AND YOU DON’T KNOW IF IT IS STILL ZEROED. . . “You can CHECK YOUR 100 yd. ZERO in the field by firing a shot AT THE CORRESPONDING CLOSE RANGE ZERO ,(measured the distance as good as you […]

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Bolt Action Rifled Slug Guns

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