20GA. 2.2″ SCHRIFLE 365GR COPPER, 10 Round Master Pack NOT FOR USE IN 3″ CHAMBERS!


“Full Length Case” (FLC rounds) designed to match you chamber.

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20ga 2.2″ SCHRIFLE 365gr Copper Slugs  10 Round Master Pack

“Not for use in 3 inch chambers”

The 20ga 2.2″ SCHRIFLE 365gr Copper 10 Round Pack. Call for Availability. 570-784-6368

NNOTE:   NO ORDERS will be FILLED; if the following information is not included on the order, form located on the check outpage. [It includes the make of gun, is it a bolt action, pump, single shot or auto loader] and the longest length round useable that’s marked on the barrel. Orders filled in the order they are received.

The 2.2” Schrifle™ 365gr Slug round must ONLY be used in its own 2.2” length chamber. It is too sensitive to outdoor hunting season temperatures, when fired in a 3” factory chamber. In cold temperatures the Schrifle™ round can experience lower internal PSI variations and possible slug misalignment to the bore, causing poor accuracy!   HOWEVER; the Schrifle™ slug is now available, as the 20ga 3” NeoTec™ FLC [Full Length Chamber] round.  A 355gr bore size Copper Slug at 1790ft/sec, but loaded in a factory hull/case. This round was specifically designed for fully rifled barrels with a 3” factory chamber.    Check out the web site for more info, [   tarhunt.com   ]. On the home page menu bar, at the top right side, under the word AMMO; 4th line down 20ga 3” NeoTec FLC info.

The Schrifle 2.2″ Round is NOT for use in a rifled barrel with a 2 3/4″ chamber, any smooth bore barrel, any type of a fixed choke, choke tube, RIFLED choke tube, or a Hastings rifled barrel!   

This 10 round box is loaded with the 20ga “Hollow Bullet with Truss” series of slugs.    A 365gr (green slug), in a 2.2″ OAL case. It will povide the best accuracy when fired in it’s own 2.2″ chamber and SOME, But NOT ALL, 2 3/4″ length chaambers.

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