More–   New “out of the box thinking – Industry trend setting ideas”!

2022: It was at this point in time the 20ga 2.2″ Schrifle round was slated for use only in it’s own length 2.2″ custom chamber. When the 2 .2 ” Schrifle case is fired in a factory 3″ SAAMI chamber. The case is to short in length to properly seal off the chamber before the slug itself seals the bore. Resulting in various amounts of pressure lost from round to round causing various degrees of accuracy!

2021: The first full hunting season for the 20ga 2 3/4″ and 3″ NeoTec FLC 355gr Copper series slug rounds. They are loaded with the same “Hollow Bullet with Tuss” slug patent as the Schrifle round. Only the the Schrifle slug remains 10 grains heavier at 365 grains. Both accuracy and preformance have been well recieved.  Each of the two 20ga NeoTec FLC (Full Length Case) rounds are specificly loaded for the corsponding length factory chamber; to achieve the best possable accuracy. The 355gr Copper slug expand to the size of a silver dollar and retained 302 grains of it’s original weight of 355 grains. That’s 83% weight retention!

2020:  The 20ga NeoTec FLC series introduced but Covid-19 stop all available of any type of compoments selection or production.

2019:  The 20ga Schrifle™ round is a High Performance 20ga NeoTec™ slug round with the projectile sticking out the front of a plastic, rifle like case; while looking more like a normal big bore rifle round.”

2017:  The 20ga Schrifle NeoTec series Copper slug. A non-sabot, bore size .619ths diameter (green) all Copper slug. Weighting 365 grains at a velocity of 1800fps. With a muzzle energy of 2626 ftlbs. Capable of a 4″ total trajectory curve for the first 150 yards, dual aiming concept out at 200 yards, when properly zeroed.    The first “hollow slug” patent # 9,372,058 B2.

2016: The 20ga Schrifle Raptor 270 grain at 1975 feet per second. with 2400ftlbs of energy and dropping 7.01″ at 200 yards, using a 150yard zero.

2015: The first non-sabot, true bore size, concept slug round for big game hunting with a rifled barrel shot gun.   The 20ga Schrifle Raptor. A full diameter .619ths,  240grain – 260grain slug, at 2000+fps. Loaded into a new design high pressure rifle-type plastic case with close to 50% of the slug extending out side of the mouth of the case.  “Case and Hollow slug”  patent # 9,395,163




TarHunt makes almost anything possible!

As the founder and president of TarHunt Rifle/TarHunt Slug guns, Randy Fritz was raised in Pennsylvania in the 1950’s where the rifle ruled when it came to hunting both varmints and big game. Needless to say only accurate rifles stayed around very long.

After being introduced to the bench rest in the late 1960’s, Randy’s search for accuracy became an obsession. But as life went on and he completed college in 1967 Randy found himself working in upstate New York as an engineering aid. During his three and a half year tenure with a company called General Dynamics, Electronics Division he discovered that “New Yorkers” hunted with something called a “slug gun.” For Randy, these were three and a half years from “hell.” Slug guns of the day shot 24 inch groups (minimum pie plate size groups at 100 yards). “God help the deer and every other hunter in the woods!”

As life went on, Randy moved back to Pennsylvania in 1970 and had put those three and a half years from “hell behind him. Again he was able to hunt deer with a rifle. This rekindled his love of finding and shooting accurate rifles… So started 37 year love affair with competitive Bench Rest Shooting. What that means is, between the Bench Rest hobby, slugs and ammo development, Randy has fired well over 1,000,000 round of on the bench testing rifle and ammo designs. That doesn’t count a life time of pistol, live varmint, golf balls at 300 yards, and shooting house fly’s at 100yards, off of a Bench Rest!

In 1981, his intrigue with the many available calibers as well as the high cost of having someone else supply him his rifles led Randy to begin building competition guns as a hobby. His quest for better rifles and cartridges got him into not only making his own rifles, but making his own bullets as well. His most interesting cartridge to date was a 6mm/45-70. The cartridge was made by shortening a 45/70 to 1-1/2 inches long and necking it down to a 6 millimeter bullet diameter… Randy won the Pennsylvania State I.B.S. Hunter Class Championship using a rifle he built and the cartridge he designed!

In 1987, Randy saw an advertisement for a fully rifled 12 gauge barrel manufactured by E.R. Shaw Inc. Suddenly, those three and a half forgotten years of “hell” began to haunt him again. The idea of a fully rifled shot barrel kept him wake at night…What if? The Ultimate Wild Cat Cartridge! A bolt-action rifle that would shoot slugs! Randy finally gave in and just had to make one.

In 1988, Randy built a crude prototype bolt-action slug rifle that produced 5 to 6 inch groups on average at 100 yards. He also knew that he could improve upon these groups if he could produce a more precision rifle. Because the quality and precision of the parts that were available at that time was unacceptable for what he wanted to build. Randy knew that he would have to draw on all his years of experience building and shooting bench rest rifles to create a totally new concept in parts and guns.

While shooting bench rest rifles through the 1970’s and 1980’s, Randy made friends with a number of people on the cutting edge of rifle accuracy. Gale McMillan of McMillan Rifles and McMillan Fiberglass Stocks was Randy’s mentor and a major reason for the original version of what is now the professional model of the TarHunt Slug Gun ever getting to market. With the help of Gale McMillan and his son Rock McMillan the RSG-12 ga. (Rifled Slug Gun) was introduced at the 1992 S.H.O.T. Show in Dallas, Texas. Over the next two years some minor changes were made that allowed the RSG-12. to produce 1 inch groups at 100 yards.

With the same accuracy that we now have come to expect with good rifles, was now capable with a slug gun. The RSG-12 has recently (2009) been listed as “one of the 50 best gun designs of all times” by Field & Stream Magazine.

The Mountaineer RSG-20 ga. was added to the TarHunt line in 1997. The RSG-16 was added in the early 2000 along with the super accurate and more reasonably priced pump (Designated Slug Gun) DSG-12.

The 870, DSG-12 conversion consists of a fixed .850ths. muzzle diameter barrel, muzzle brake, top mounted telescope, barrel stabilizer and reworked trigger. The DSG is only available in 12 & 16 gauge. The Remington 20 gauge receiver is to small to fit the conversion parts into the action.

From 1993 to the present, TarHunt has sold bolt-action slug guns domestically, to Europe, African and Japanese markets. With the respect they have garnered in the shooting industry, it should come as no surprise that TarHunt has done consulting work and built, research and development slug guns for every major manufacturer of sabot type shotgun slugs both foreign and domestic.

TarHunt has built guns for Remington, Winchester, Federal, Marlin and some foreign manufactures of slug gun ammo. These slug guns are used in the research and development stages of all sabot ammo since 1993. The TarHunt guns are use to set the benchmark for any new product during the accuracy testing stages.


Besides building guns that are the envy of the industry, TarHunt is under contract to the Lightfield Ammunition Corporation (The industry leader in sabot slug technology) for research and development, testing and quality assurance of their Hybred-Exp and Commander IDS PLUS sabot slug lines.

Serial # 0001. The very first clip model from Jan 1992 Shot Show. The one that started it all. The clip model was discontinued around 1995.