Announcing Savage 220 upgrades!

NEWS — 5/07/2018

SAVAGE 220 Barrels:  After talking to over (1000+) Savage 220 owners since November 1st 2016; it has become obvious that NOT all of the Savage barrels are SAAMI spec barrels. Some barrels firing the 20ga Schrifle rounds are producing the same size groups as the barrel does when any other make of sabot ammo it’s testing. But actually testing the barrel using the 20ga Schrifle round, (or having the barrel measured with an air-gauge) is your only way to know for sure.

For your reference:   The Internal size of a SAAMI specification barrels, on top of the rifling (bore diameter) .609ths is the minimum and .611ths is the maximum diameters.  In the bottom of the rifling between the lands (grove diameter) .618ths is the minimum and .620ths is the maximum diameter. The 20ga NeoTec Copper 365gr projectile is .619ths in diameter, exactly in the middle of the (grove diameters) .618ths min <.619ths> and 620ths max.

Upgrade #1:   TarHunt is offering a SAAMI spec, SS Premier– button rifled barrel in a (non-fluted) factory replacement format for the Savage 220. This SS barrel has a slightly heavier wall thickness, than the factory barrel, and could require a very slight stock inlet adjustment.  It will be set up as a change it yourself replacement barrel (23 inch, 1-24″ twist rate, SS – matte finish) with a muzzle brake. A Savage barrel nut wrench and Head Space gauge is required to properly install this barrel.   Cost $265.00   

The required action wrench and Head Space gauge will be available and sold separately.       POR   (For current after market pricing for the required tooling).

Upgrade #2:   TarHunt is offering a custom fit barrel by TarHunt. A SAAMI spec, Premier – button rifled barrel, 23 inch overall length, 1-24″ twist rate, (SS heavy wall barrel), matte finished, Helical Fluted and a Muzzle Brake as standard. A TarHunt #2 update will not use the factory barrel nut to lock the barrel in place. Because this SS barrel has a slightly heavier wall thickness a factory barrel, it could require a very slight stock inlet adjustment.    Cost $450.00

The Savage 220 slug gun shown here has the #2 Upgrade installed.

This heavier barrel is locked up tight against the action and NO longer uses the Savage barrel nut locking system. Locking this heavier wall barrel solidly against the action insures the barrel stays tight while it is under the heavy recoil and torque generated by big, heavy slow moving projectile turning at 53,000 rpms. Remember sometimes the slug weight is 2-4 times more weight of a rifle projectile. And the actual amount of time the slug spends in the barrel of a slug gun is much greater than rifles at 2650fps+. That’s why this issue must be addressed.