TarHunt’s new NeoTec FLC slug series. Savage 220 barrel upgrades for the 2022 Season!

Update:  3-01-22

20ga 2.1″ Schrifle 365gr Copper slug.

The 365gr 20ga Copper, non-sabot round, is designed for its own hull & chamber length of 2.1 inches. Since is much shorter than any of the other factory length 20ga chambers. There is no conversion back to a shorter length chamber without changing the barrel itself. The 20ga 2.1” Schrifle™ should shoot reasonable well even in a 2 ¾” factory chamber barrel only.     NOTE: ALTHOUGH PERFECTLY SAFE, 2 ¾” ROUNDS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN A 3” CHAMBER, “FOR BEST ACCURACY”!

Nothing has changed with the High Performance Copper “2.1 inch Schrifle”.   The 20ga Schrifle 365gr Copper round will be available. The 270gr FLC Alv alloy/lead core round will be available as long as they last.

20ga NeoTec™ FLC slugs:     3-01-2022

“The 20ga NeoTec™ FLC 3″ Copper 355gr” bore size slug rounds is available for the 2021 season. The 20ga NeoTec FLC slug will be loaded in both  2 ¾” &  3” standard shotgun hulls. There always has been an accuracy issue, with slugs, when the length of the case you’re using does not match the length of the chamber you’re hunting with. When any case is fired in a longer chamber than is required, although completely safe, accuracy and performance will suffer. With the NeoTec FLC bore size copper round; the length of the case has NOTHING to do with velocity.   Overall performance of the 2 3/4″ and  3″ rounds in velocity and energy are very close to each other..

CAUTION: Always check the length of the round printed on the case itself. Don’t be fooled by the length looks of the loaded round. Cases are only there full advertised length when they are new and unloaded;  OR after they have been fired and open back up   (to there new unfired  length)   in the PROPER LENGTH CHAMBER..  Always be causes about the length of a rolled crimped slug round. A rolled crimped slug round is a round you can look at the end of the round and PLAINLY see the nose of the projectile in side the case..    Do not EVER fire a 3” round in a 2 ¾” length chamber.  Just because it fits into the chamber and the action closes.”     When it try’s to return to it’s original 3″ length when fired— “injurie to the shooter, bystander’s and/or the gun can result”!


Update:  5/27/21   “Why is the case length so important and HOW does it WORK”?

When any shorter case is fired in a longer  chamber than is required, although completely safe; accuracy, chamber pressure and velocity will be lower. And then the cold Nov/Dec hunting temperatures will make it even worse. The slug must jump thru an un-supported area, while moving from the case mouth to the start of the rifling. Unguided with gas erupting all around the sides and the base of the slug. Because the shorter case CANNOT fully seal off the longer chamber from the start.  The question then becomes did the slug enter the rifling straight in line with the bore or off center with the center of the bore and become a flyer?    When you use the NeoTec FLC round, the right length case will seal off the chamber. The nose of the slug will enter the rifling centered, while the rear of the slug is now being held in line with the center of the bore, by the front end of the case as the slug moves fully into the rifling.

What is NeoTec FLC round: it means “Full Length Chamber”    “The Next Step in Slug Gun Accuracy” !

The new “NeoTec™ FLC Copper” slug series will eliminate most of the physical issues caused by the different chamber lengths in rifled barrel slug guns. NEWEST Slug weight changes:  The 20ga NeoTec FLC copper slug is now 355gr.

The major component generating the overall accuracy of the 20ga “2.1″ Schrifle™ Copper” round is the 365gr Copper (green) projectile. It is a full bore size, non-sabot slug, based on the “Hollow Bullet with Truss”  patent design. The new “NeoTec™ FLC Copper” 355gr slug is a slightly redesigned version of the 20ga Schrifle™ Copper 365gr” projectile.   The “NeoTec™ FLC Copper” 355gr slug will be loaded in both standard 20ga 2 ¾” and 3” hulls.  This will allow all hunters to access to the overall performance of the TarHunt Bore Size Copper slug. All you need to do is to choose the gauge and case length that matches the  (FLC) longest chamber length marked on your rifled barrel.

Only testing your barrel can tell if your ready to enjoy the 20ga new slug technology. The NeoTec FLC 20ga is a 355gr Copper slug is loaded in 2 3/4″ or 3″ hulls for different factory length chambers .     “The first ever, RIFLE DESIGN, ammo for rifled barrel slug guns”!!! 


The New Slugs:  Bore Size and NON-SABOT

The 62cal/20ga:“NeoTec™ FLC 355gr Copper (just shy of the normal 385gr  7/8oz slug) round will be loader in both the standard length 2 ¾” and 3” 20ga rounds and can be fired in any 3”chamber.                     “Do not fire a 3” round in a 2 ¾” length chamber.”

The 66cal/16ga: The availability of the “NeoTec™ FLC  will strictly depend on the price and availability of the proper diameter copper rod. It will be a 410gr (11/16oz) Copper” slug  will be few grains lighter than the traditional (1oz – 437gr) rifled slug, from years gone by.              The 16ga is only loaded in a 2 3/4″ case.

The 73cal/12ga:  NeoTec™ FLC 500gr (1 1/8oz) weight of the NeoTec FLC Copper bore size slug has been designed to weight the same as normal  trap and sporting clay rounds. And to help hunters to understand that a 500gr slug (1 1/8oz) is NOT a real a heavy weight slug for 12ga guns. The normal (1oz – 437.5gr) bore size 12 gauge rifled slug is a very light slug for the (.730ths ) 12ga bore size. That’s one of the big reasons why accuracy suffers past 50yards in smooth bore barrels. The 12ga NeoTec™ FLC Copper 500gr rounds will be loaded in both 2 ¾” and 3” rounds can fired in any 3”chamber safely.   Again, “never fire a 3” rounds in a 2 ¾” length  chamber”; just it will fill into the chamber and the action will close and even extract as long as it is not fired!


Updated on: 5-24-2021

Possible New Savage 220 owners; The NEW 2021 Savage with the new Savage AccuFit, AccuStock has a better stock fit, to the barreled action, than any of the Boyd’s replacement stock that I have seen so far.

Schedule for 2021 Sav 220 barrel upgrades.

Cut-off date for Savage complete gun upgrades is Sept 30 2022. Only barrel upgrades from Sept 30, 2022 thru Dec 1, 2022.

Orders now for the Savage 220 barrel upgrade installation. Delivery times will depend on how soon you can send in your deposit and slug gun for the barrel upgrade. This time of year all barrels in stock are on a first come first serve basis. We have both the #2 fluted barrels and the #1 Non-Fluted barrel upgrades in stock with 3″ chambers. There are a few of the #1 upgrade barrels for the Savage 212 12 gauge in the #1 configuration.

Secure your 220 Savage barrel upgrade, for the upcoming 2022 Deer season NOW; with a [non-refundable] $100.00 deposit. Please be specific as to which number (#1 or #2) barrel you are interested in.


Deposit Instructions:  

a) Send a check (made out to TarHunt) for $100.00 (for a #1 or #2) barrel along with the following information.

b) Send an email to  [ sales@www.tarhunt.com ].

c) It must contain the following information for the order to be processes as soon as it comes into TarHunt.

d) If I need to chase down your information, it will delay your processing. Orders sent in without a deposit and the PROPER INFO will be placed on the end of the current upgrade list; until I can chase down the complete info. Try completing 100 upgrades, in a timely fashion, with only the serial number and NO other info.

Effective 2021 Note: TarHunt will not be responsible for: Any Slings, Scopes, Lens covers, Rings, Bases, Custom triggers or any other accessories shipped without prior approval. Do not send your clips. Tarhunt WILL NOT be responsible for any lost or misplaced Clips, factory or otherwise!

Information Required with Deposit:

1) Your name, address, phone number, the best time to call the number, is it your cell number?

2) If it is not your cell, does your wife know?  (In over 34 years in the gun business I have learned somethings)?

3) Which barrel upgrade do you want, the #1 or #2 upgrade? With a 3” chamber

4) A copy of your driver’s license, or your states Firearm ID Card (if required). This copy needed when the gun is shipped back to you from TarHunt).

5)  Include a appropriate deposit when shipping your  gun as of  Jan 1,2021.

6) If you are going to upgrade to a Boyd’s Laminate stock along with a barrel upgrade; order the stock directly form Boyd’s and have it dropped shipped directly to TarHunt at—   

7)  THCI, 101 Dogtown Rd, Bloomsburg PA, 17815   570-784-6368  [In care of your name.]



UP-DATE  4/29/21

STOCK NOTES:     Bob Beck owner of Extreme Outer Limits, MOA Rifles, and Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear has purchased McMillan Fiberglass Stocks.  As a results McMillan Fiberglass Stocks IS NO LONGER OFFERING FACTORY INLETED STOCKS for the Savage 220 FACTORY gun. THIS ALSO INCLUDES BOTH THE #1 or #2 TarHunt BARREL UPGRADES. Stocks ARE ONLY ARE NOW OFFRED AS WHAT IS CALLED A FLAT TOP STOCKS, WHICH MEANS YOU MUST HAVE IT INLETED BY YOUR GUNSMITH. The CUSTOM FIBERGLASS STOCK has left the McMillan Gun stock company AFTER MORE THAN 44+YEARS!

The two stocks from the past were the model HTG-M40 is a normal hunting style stock and the A-3 stock leans toward the tactical style stock.      NOTE: When ordering either one of these fiberglass stocks, as a flat top, order it with a SOLID GLASS FILLER in the action area.  McMillan will NO LONGER inlet for a Savage 220 PERIOD. A Custom Mc Millan stock now means an order of at least 1 DOZEN of the exactly the same stocks from the new MOA Rifles owners of the once McMillan stock company!

Boyd’s Stocks:    Makes their Laminate stock for the Savage 220 and the Savage 212 slug gun. In either case the stock inlet, is advertised, as the proper diameters for both the factory action diameter and the proper size barrel channel for factory barrels. One stock for the Savage 220 20 gauge and one stock for the Savage 212  12 gauge.  Any questions about this issue, please Call 605-996-5011 before ordering. Boyd’s Gun Stock company has a 90 days return/replacement policy along with a 12% restocking fee.     Boyd’s Stock does offer lightweight stocks is some models.   

BE ADVISED:  For those of you who want to upgrade to a BOYD’S  STOCK on your SAVAGE 220; you must order a stock  for a model 220 SAVAGE Slug gun. Once and a while I will need OPENED UP the barrel  on a Savage 220 20ga Boyd’s stock to fit a TarHunt upgrade barrels.  Savage is now offering a 20ga model 220 with a Boyd’s Thumb Hole stock as a factory built slug gun. It should be cheaper than buying a new aftermarket Boyd’s Thumb Hole Boyd’s stock separately.

Note:  For hunters who are thinking about buying a Savage 220  for the up-coming 2021 season. Savage has introduced the AccuStock / AccuFit stock for the 2021 fall season. It is a new 2021 design synthetic stock called the AccuFit / AccuStock. It has an adjustable length of pull and a comb Height adjustment built into the stock. Colors are Black, Gray and Camo. It is not your normal synthetic gun stock. It has an aluminum bedding block covering over 50% of the entire length of the stocks interior. Impressive synthetic stock upgrade for use on a factory slug gun. The 2021 Sav 220  with the AccuStock stock model is strongly recommended over any previous  Savage models!  The AccuStock stock will not fit any OTHER production years of the Savage 220 slug gun. I would check it out before buying an older model as it could save you time and money.

If you buy a new Savage, make sure it has the NEW AccuStock from Savage. The NEW 2021 AccuStock has a better stock fit, to the barreled action, than any of the Boyd’s replacement stock that I have seen so far.


More on the Two Different Barrel Upgrades for the Savage. 

I have talked to thousands of Savage 220 owners since November 2016. It has becoming obvious that some OF THE EARLY 220 Savage slug guns may have lose barrels, a poor fit into their stock, or the barrel may not be quite SAAMI spec. Some early  Savage 220 slug guns, with a factory barrel, when firing the 20ga Schrifle™ rounds only produce the same size groups as when using other makes of sabot ammo. When average size groups appears, usually the inside diameter of the barrel is larger than a SAAMI specification for a 20ga .6195ths SAAMI slug barrel.    ANY Custom chambers, other than a 3″ length SAAMI chamber will add $85.00 to the cost of either the #1 or #2 upgrade barrel.


Upgrade #1:   TarHunt is offering a SAAMI spec, Stainless Steel, Premier, button rifled, matte finished barrel, in a (non-fluted) factory replacement format for the Savage 220. This SS Premier barrel has a slightly heavier wall thickness than the factory barrel and should  not require very little if any inlet adjustment.  The #1 replacement barrel is 24 inches long with a 1-24 twist rate. It has muzzle diameter of .825ths at the end of the muzzle brake and adds only a (4) ounces in weight to the gun. The barrel is threaded for the Savage action and has a 3″SAAMI chamberThis barrel will be set up as a “change it yourself” but it will required access to an Savage Barrel nut Wrench and a 20ga Head Space Gauge

The #1 barrel upgrade cost is $350.00  as a do it yourself configuration.  Plus shipping. They are available with a 3″ Chamber.    

The #1 barrel ( 3″ length chamber) upgrade installed by TarHunt barrel is: $395.00 Plus shipping.

A very limited number of # 1 or #2 barrels with a short chamber may be available. Either in the  20ga 2.1″ Schrifle chamber or the standard 2 3/4 inch  chamber. Cost is $85.00 extra over  & above the barrel cost.

  Glass bedding a Savage 220 action, fitted with a TarHunt upgrade barrel, into a Wooden Savage 220 replacement stock” is $100.00.     Opening the barrel channel, in a Synthetic or Wooden Savage 220 stock  to fit a #1  or #2  TarHunt upgrade barrel taper is $30.00 extra. A ground recoil lug, if needed, is $32.50. Bedding the action into the factory synthetic stock can be done but it is NOT recommended.


The #2 barrel upgrade installed by TarHunt:  (shown in the Savage picture below and on the home page)

The Savage 220 slug gun shown there has the #2 Upgrade installed.  This #2 replacement barrel is 24 inches long, 1-24 twist rate, Stainless Steel, Heavy Weight Premier button rifled, matte finish, muzzle break, Helical Fluting with a 3″chamber. The #2 barrel is a 12ga tapered blank with a 20ga rifled bore; then fluted for weight reduction, strength, and faster cooling . It has a muzzle diameter of .875ths at the end of the Muzzle Brake and adds approximately TEN to (12) ounces in weight to the overall gun. This #2  barrel has a much heavier wall thickness than the standard Savage 220 factory slug barrel but it will fit into most factory stocks. The  220 Boyd’s stock “in most cases will require” a barrel channel inlet adjustment in some models of a Boyd’s laminated stock.

No do it your self direct sales on the #2 barrel upgrade.

The #2 barrel update, with standard 3″ chamber, SS-matte finish and muzzle brake is $495.00  installed.

Custom chamber ,WHEN AVAILABLE, is a $85.00 additional cost.

Custom glass bedding a Savage 220 action, fitted with a TarHunt upgrade barrel, into a Wooden Savage 220 replacement stock” is $100.00.



**NOTICE**:   Prices are subject to change without notice.   As much as a $100.00  charge will be assessed against any original gun work deposits for any cancellations on the owners behalf; to offset return shipping costs of the gun. 

**Shipping charges may vary, depending on the final weight, box dimensions, value and destination. The shipping charge is an estimation only and may be adjusted when your order is shipped. The base price for return shipping of the slug gun is $75.00.   This includes S&H, insurance fees, an 0uter box required on light weight carry gun case for the insurance to be in effect, when used to ship the gun.   Plus any additional over weight, oversize package charges, when a heavy weight gun case was used to ship the gun.   A few Quality gun vaults/cases can weigh as much as twice the weight of the slug gun itself and still require an outer box.    NOTE: any damage occurring during the incoming or out going shipment, without a hard gun case and a outer cardboard box involved; it will be very hard to collect ANY damages.    Note: TarHunt assumes NO reasonability for any shipping damages because the package was not packed according to the shippers guide lines.

**This return shipping charge is also applies for the return of a non-completed slug gun, and has  NOTHING to due with the $100.00 UP FRONT (non-refundable) deposit for the Stainless Steel barrel on order. 6/2021


Effective 2021 Note: TarHunt will not be responsible for: Any Slings, Scopes, Lens covers,

Rings, Bases, Custom triggers or any other accessories shipped without prior approval.   

Do not send your clips. Tarhunt WILL NOT be responsible for any lost or

misplaced Clips, factory or otherwise!

The Savage 220 slug gun shown here with a #2 Upgrade barrel installed. Barrel Cost $495.00


Liability clause:    The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the proper installation of this number one (1) barrel upgrade on the Savage 220 bolt action slug gun. This includes setting the headspace to the proper SAAMI specification and applying the proper torque on the barrel nut. Once the barrel nut is properly torqued and the head space is rechecked; the purchaser must stamp/mark the barrel with the proper markings as follows [  20ga. 3”  1-24tr.  ] in an easily readable position on the barrel. Check the muzzle brake after cleaning for a bore obstruction, such as a stuck cleaning patch. Check the holes in the muzzle break for carbon/plastic build up every 2 years minimum. There is no implied accuracy guarantee or implied liability, with any barrel TarHunt did not install.

NOTE:  TarHunt is not responsible for any and all damages to the firearm(s), person(s) firing the firearm, and/or person(s) as bystanders, due to the improper installation of any barrel that TarHunt did not install; or due to the failure of the barrel, the Savage 220 action, or any failure related to the firing of hand-loaded ammunitions’.


SHIPPING CHARGES: Shipping charges may vary, depending on the final weight, box dimensions, value and destination. The shipping charge is an estimation only and may be adjusted when your order is shipped. ON A RETURN SHIPMENT A SIGNATURE WILL BE REQUIRED.   SEE SHIPPING POLICY.

INSTRUCTIONS TO SHIP YOUR FIREARM:  In compliance with the ATF rules & regulations inside the United States, firearms are required to be shipped back to the address it was sent from OR to a FFL holder. We require all return shipments of firearms be returned shipped in a hard case to protect them unless otherwise authorized buy the owner.    NOTE: any damage occurring during the return shipment, without a hard gun case and a outer box involved; it will be very hard to collect ANY damages.

Effective 2021 Note: TarHunt will not be responsible for: Any Slings, Scopes, Lens covers,

Rings, Bases, Custom triggers or any other accessories without prior approval.   

Do not send your clips. Tarhunt WILL NOT be responsible for any lost or

misplaced Clips, factory or otherwise!

NOTE: Please include (inside the case) a letter with your name address, daytime phone #, email address & instructions. Please include your order date & insure your long gun for the full amount including the scope, rings and the rifle case itself.


For your reference:  The 20ga Schrifle™ slug must fit the barrel exactly like a rifle bullet fits the bore of a center fire rifle barrel. The 20ga Schrifle™ round was designed to be fired thru a SAAMI spec rifled slug barrel. SAAMI specification for a rifled slug barrel ONLY allows for a .002ths maximum tolerance period! 

The Internal size of a SAAMI specification rifled slug barrel: On top of the rifling (bore diameter) is .609ths minimum and .611ths is the maximum diameters.  In the bottom of the rifling between the lands (grove diameter) is .618ths minimum and .620ths maximum diameter. The 20ga Schrifle Copper 365gr or the NeoTec FLC Copper 355gr projectile is .619ths in diameter, exactly in the middle of the (grove diameters) set at .618ths min. and 620ths maximin diameter.