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Bolt Action Rifled Slug Guns

Building one of the “Best Guns of All Time”

 “It’s easier to get what you want, when you’re talking to people that understand what you need.”

He builds what have been called the “The most accurate rifled slug guns in the world”. His Rifled Slug Gun series of slug guns have been called “Revolutionary” and “One of the 50 Best Gun Designs of All Time”, (2009) by Field & Stream magazine. They are used by hunters, competition shooters and law enforcement agencies throughout the world for one main reason…”They consistently outperform the competition both on the range and in the field”.

Randy’s company, TarHunt Custom Rifles, Inc., was the driving force behind the research and development of the Lightfield “SameSite™ Accuracy” system using the Hybred-EXP series of sabot slugs from Lightfield Ammunition.  This “SameSite™ Accuracy” system is now the industries leader in sabot slug accuracy and technology.

Randy, along with Tony Kinchin, senior engineer and vice president of Lightfield, are responsible for both the testing and quality assurance of the Hybred-Exp as well as the Commander IDS Plus line of sabot slugs. Together, they are responsible for everything from the powder selection, product loading and accuracy acceptance tests.

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Best Slug for 12 GA Mossberg 835 slug gun

Randy, I have a 12 ga Mossberg 835 with a fully rifled cantilever barrel that I can't get sighted in as well as I would like. I know this won't be the most accurate set up, but I should be doing better than 4-5" at 50 yrds. So far I've tried 3" Commanders. Which slug [...] Read More

Selecting Proper Sight In

Can you use the same "sight in" at 50 yards with a 20 gauge slug gun that is used for the 12 gauge slug gun,or should you use a different "sight in"? The proper sightin for the Lightfield Hybred-Exp 2 3/4" sabot is 2 1/2" to 2 3/4" inches high at 50 yards for a [...] Read More

Velocity of Lightfield Ammo

Dear Randy, What makes lightfield ammo, specifically the 3" commander IDS and the Commander IDS Plus 3.5" cartridges with so much more velocity than other major magnum brand slugs? How is the extreme velocity accomplished? Please specify. Thank You, Robert Santini Because slugs are all we make. We have had our own powders formulated for