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Randy, I love the Lightfield slugs and I’ve used them for years. My question is regarding the alpha gold bullets in my TC Endeavor. I am using the 100 Gr. Blackhorn 209 powder and shockwaves and the group is not great, I am looking to improve on it. What is realistic to expect @100 Yards Thanks

Jim, Have you read the instructions included with the Alpha Gold ML bullets or on the web site? It took almost 2 years to develope the system/data for the Alpha Gold to make sure it is the most accurate it can be in your gun. In all my accuracy tests 100 grains was not enought powder and I could not find a good pellet load because of the hole thru the pellets. Pressure from the primer exploding tends to push the bullet off the powder charge before the powder can get fully enigated making the gun shoot vertical groups. When it is tuned the right way, to a gun with a quality barrel, MOA groups are common.

I have a TC omega and I can only use Jim Shockey gold powder in it. What is the proper powder load if I use Alpha Gold 300? The reason I can only use that powder is that other brands leaves so much residue by the breach that I cannot get a second load seated for a second shot. Thanks Bill

I personally would not use pellets to shoot even at water jugs. Pellets are too expensive and ML guns are too hard to clean, to waste my time using pellets.

PROPER LOAD: I am guessing you will need  between 110-120 grains of lose (FFF) Jim Shockey, of any other black powder substitute when using the Alpha Gold 300.

There is an in-depth instruction on how to tune the Alpha Gold 300 bullet with any powder, included with each and every package of the AG 300!!

This system is the results of over a year’s testing and hundreds of rounds at the range and it seems nobody even bothers to read the enclosed info. Everyone knows how to make a ML go bang, but not how to make one shoot up to its potential.

I properly tune T/C Omega & Encore will shoot under an  inch group, with 5 shots at 100 yards, using 110-115 grains of lose 777  FFF, but you have got to follow the instructions.  95% of the hunters using the Alpha Gold 300 bullet are NOT GETTING all the accuracy potential out of this bullet. The century old load of 100 grains of black powder, from years gone by, was a lot hotter load than the DE-TUNED black powder made over the last 25 years.

The Alpha Gold 300 received a whopping 97% approval rating from the North American Hunting Club.    
 Too my memory NO other slug/muzzle loader ammo company has ever had the courage to have there ammo tested by 300 independent hunters and then have the results published.