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20ga Schrifle non-sabot slug

Bad News for H&R 960 Owners

Even though the 20gr Schrifle™ Raptor Alv 270gr and the NeoTec™ Copper 365gr slug will stabilize in the 1-35 twist rate of the H&R; the bore size is still well over the size required to shoot a SAAMI diameter slug with good accuracy.  Actually testing of your barrel is the only way to know for sure. After 50+ years, if I have learned one thing, when it comes to rifled barrels- “there are NO certainties”.

I have clarified, from the guns designer, that H&R 960 20 gauge slug guns were indeed a (1-35tr) and were designed for the old Foster/rifled lead slugs. The barrel bore sizes are very large by todays SAAMI standards. The bore is a full .007ths bigger diameter (on top of the rifling) than it should be.     Accuracy Note: With that big a bore only the Lightfield Hybred sabot is designed to adjust to that big a bore diameter, while maintaining proper RPM’S for stabilization, because of its patent key-on sabot design.

20ga Schrifle non-sabot slug

Sabot slug History and Other Helpful Slug Gun Facts.

What is the 20ga “Schrifle”?

The 20ga Schrifle™ Raptor Alv is a 270gr @1975fps High Performance non-sabot full bore size slug for rifled barrels. The 20ga Schrifle™ Neotec™ Copper 365gr (green) bore size slug @1800fps is a heavy hitter, max expanding slug with excellent weight retention. The 20ga Schrifle™ non-sabot rounds typically produces 12% less serious flyers than any other current sabot-discarding production round.

The 20ga Schrifle™ round is the 3rd generation of a hunting slug design and is the ongoing result of over 5 years of research & development. The “out of the box thinking” that culminated into this unique design and was only made possible by the advancements in precision machining, plastic development and new molding techniques.  Most importantly, the quality control and consistency of the new gun powders over the last decade has vastly improved.

The 1st generation of sabot slug was developed in the early 1980’s for police use. In the late 1980’s it was purchased & slightly redesigned by Bob Sowash (BRI) Company. Then bought out by Winchester & Federal and re-introduced for big game hunting with rifled barrels for the 1991/1992 hunting season.

The 2nd Generation:   The slug revolution took place over the next four years, (1993 thru 1996), by the industry in an effort to catch up with the accuracy of the TarHunt RSG-12 slug gun design introduced in 1992.  The RSG-12ga would later on would be picked by Field & Stream Magazine (2009) as one of the 50 best guns ever designed, even when compared to the world’s best rifle designs. Even now, after 30 years THCR still remains the “World’s Leader in Slug Guns Accuracy”(1987-2018)”.

The 2nd generation sabot type (current production) slug round just doesn’t work for the kind of accuracy expected from rifles. The sabot slug round is a placebo at best and is the industry way to give you the illusion that rifle like accuracy is available from slug guns using sabot ammo.

Ten years ago TH started thinking about all the issues with current sabot type slug ammo the conclusion was that the industry, had pretty much, already exhausted all concepts of using sabot technology developed from the early 1980’s thru 2015. The Lightfield Hybred series using a sabot that is keyed fast to the projectile, still remains the best and most consistent of the current sabot designs.

The “Schrifle”™ design slug is the 3rd generation utilizing a bore size, NON-SABOT hunting slug.  This new slug concept uses “out of the box thinking” to correct a number of problems that has plagued the first two generations of sabot slugs since the beginning.

It was decided that the 20 gauge would be best gauge to start with for this “out of the box thinking” attempt to correct the issues with sabot ammo. After 4 years of ongoing research the non-sabot generation, 20ga “Schrifle™”, round was released in 2015 in an attempt to make an “accurate” short range rifle out of a shot gun. It will take a little time for the 20ga “Schrifle” round to be tried in the wide variety of 20ga rifled barrels configurations that were produced over the last 35+ years. Although, it will stabilize in any known 20ga twist rate. When fired in any of the pre-2000, 20ga RIFLED BARRELS. Accuracy may vary greatly depending on the actual bore size of the barrel.

Wind Drift Information for 98% of all sabot slugs and heavy projectiles under 2000 fps.

WIND DRIFT ISSUES*:  Another way of saying slug movement away from your point of aim. It is caused by the wind putting pressure on the projectile while in flight. It pertains to all rifles, slug guns, muzzle loaders and anything that moves thru the air. The effect is more dramatic on slow moving projectiles under 2000fps!  “It amounts to the “TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME and the DIRECTION –the wind has to push on the projectile!”

A head, tail, or cross wind, will affect all posted wind drift and drop figures. Any combination thereof can even move a slug in a diagonal or vertical direction. Head wind or tail wind also has a dramatic effect on the amount of drop seen when firing on an open firing range verses that of actual hunting conditions. With all of these wind drift variables it is obvious that ANY built in flyers (up as high as 12%) cannot be tolerated!

As you can see it ONLY takes a 10MPH cross wind to pretty much double the amount of win drift   for each   additional 50yds down range with guns under 2000fps. That’s why slug guns and most muzzle loaders CANNOT truly be compared to a rifle.   Just by adding 800fps to a rifle round (@2800fps) you will have Aproxamently 75% less drift than a slug gun. That means the rifle will have  Aproxamently 4” of drift, instead of 16” of drift at 200yds, like the slug gun.

DRIFT @ 50yds    +.08″        DRIFT @ 100yds    +3.6″     

DRIFT @ 150yds  +8.4″        DRIFT  @ 200yds  +15.8″           

(These wind drift figures are based on a steady 10 mph cross wind).

The average wind speed during Nov-Jan (the normal deer hunting season) is 17 to 23 MPH. Guess what the wind drift is at that wind speed? Its “FEET” !   “Considering all of these wind issues; less built in flyers in the ammo is the key to achieving the best down range accuracy when shooting a slug gun”.  “First eliminate the cause of most of the flyers, (the sabot). Then use a slug that actually fits the bore diameter of a 20 gauge rifled barrel”.     “Then and only then can you learn how to shoot a slug gun, at long ranges, in the wind”.

20ga Schrifle non-sabot slug

NEWS Update— 6-26/27- 2018                  Two Barrel Upgrades for the Savage 220            

SAVAGE 220 Barrels After talking to over (1000+) Savage 220 owners since November 1st 2016; it has become obvious that NOT all of the Savage barrels are SAAMI spec barrels. Some barrels firing the 20ga Schrifle™ rounds and are producing the same size groups, as when that barrel is firing other makes of sabot ammo; (sometimes even slightly bigger groups). When this happens the inside diameter of the barrel is larger than the diameter of the 20gs Schrifle™ slug.  The 20ga Schrifle™ cannot be made any larger in diameter to match these oversize barrels because the projectiles base is solid copper, with no plastic sabot to compress. It must fit the barrel exactly like a rifle bullet fits the bore of a center fire rifle barrel. The 20ga Schrifle™ round is designed to be fired thru a SAAMI spec rifled slug barrel! SAAMI specification for a rifled slug barrel ONLY allows for a .002ths tolerance period!

For your reference:   The Internal size of a SAAMI specification rifled slug barrel: On top of the rifling (bore diameter) is .609ths minimum and .611ths is the maximum diameters.  In the bottom of the rifling between the lands (grove diameter) is .618ths minimum and .620ths maximum diameter. The 20ga NeoTec Copper 365gr projectile is .619ths in diameter, exactly in the middle of the (grove diameters) .618ths min.  <.619ths>  and 620ths max.

Upgrade #1:   TarHunt is offering a (SAAMI spec, Stainless Steel, Premier, button rifled, matte finished barrel, in a (non-fluted) factory replacement format for the Savage 220. This SS barrel has a slightly heavier wall thickness and could require a very slight stock inlet adjustment.  The replacement barrel is (24 inches long, 1-24 twist rate, with an .870ths muzzle diameter at the end of the muzzle brakeThis barrel will be set up as a “change it yourself” and will required access to an Action Wrench and a 12ga Head Space Gauge.  #1 barrelcost is $265.00.  Plus shipping.           If need be, these tools will be available and sold as a set.       POR

Upgrade #2 installed by TarHunt:   (shown as the Savage picture on the home page)

The Savage 220 slug gun shown there has the #2 Upgrade installed.  This replacement barrel is 24 inches long, 1-24 twist rate, Stainless Steel, Premier, button rifled, matte finish barrel, with Helical Fluting. The muzzle is .935ths in diameter at the Muzzle Brake. This SS barrel has a much heavier wall thickness than the standard Savage factory slug barrel and will require a stock inlet adjustment.

This heavier barrel is locked up tight against the action face using a ground, parallel face, recoil lug in between. It NO longer uses the Savage barrel nut locking system. Locking this heavier wall barrel solidly against the recoil and action face insures the barrel stays tight while it is under the heavy recoil and torque generated by a bore size, slow moving projectile turning at 53,000rpms. Remember sometimes a slug weights 2-4 times more weight of a rifle projectile. And the actual amount of time the slug spends in the barrel of a slug gun is much longer than rifles at 2650fps+. That’s why this issue of locking the barrel tight to the action must be addressed.                                                                    #2 update barrel cost is $450.00 installed.   Plus shipping

Prices are subject to change without notice.

 Liability clause:    The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the proper installation of this number one (1) barrel upgrade on the Savage 220 bolt action slug gun. This includes setting the headspace to the proper SAAMI specification and applying the proper torque on the barrel nut. Once the barrel nut is properly torqued and the head space is rechecked; the purchaser must stamp the barrel with the proper markings as follows [  20ga. 3”  1-24tr.  ] in an easily readable position on the barrel. Check the muzzle brake after cleaning for a bore obstruction, such as a stuck cleaning patch. Check the holes in the muzzle break for carbon/plastic build up every 2 years minimum. There is no implied accuracy guarantee with any barrel TarHunt did not install.     TarHunt is not responsible for any and all damages to the firearm(s), person(s) firing the firearm, and/or person(s) as bystanders, due to the improper installation of this barrel or due to the failure of the Savage 220 action.




“No longer just a slug gun, but not quite a rifle, it’s a Schrifle”

Don’t be lured into thinking the 20ga Schrifle round is any where near  as consistently accurate as a center rifle with a REMAINING VELOCITY of 2400 PLUS feet per second at 200 yards.      The Schrifle round is very accurate and you can learn to shoot it a longer distances, but as velocity fades away, wind drift that ONCE was measured in inches can easily become a foot or even feet, past 150 yards! The 20ga Schrifle round typically produces 12% less serious flyers than any other current sabot-discarding production slug round.

So far the feed back from 20ga Schrifle customers has been very positive. Most shooters that have provided TarHunt with feed back are saying the 20ga Schrifle round is the most consistently accurate slug they have ever fired. Some of the groups I have fired using the TarHunt Mountaineer RSG-20ga have been well under 1 inch at 100 yards. A fair number of 220 Savage shooters are touching holes at both 50 & 100 yards with very little change in impact.  I have received feed back from 3 different Savage 220 and one Ithaca DeerSlayer owners who have fired 3 shot groups, under 2″ at 150 yards and in the 4″plus at 200!

TarHunt-Premier “NeoTec” Copper 365gr

Introducing  the newest 20ga Schrifle: “NeoTec Copper 365gr” bore size slug. The facts speak for themselves as seen in the accompanying photos below. Look at the real differences between the new 20ga Schrifle; the bore size NeoTec Copper 365gr (62 caliber diameter slug, before it enters the game) and the industry standard 45 caliber sabot projectile. The picture shows the actual REAL difference between a 62 caliber and the 45 caliber slug.  The 26% overall larger diameter of the NeoTec Copper 62 caliber slug vs. a 45 caliber slug is easy to see. The ratio of one to the other remains the same at any magnification.

For comparison purposes this photo shows a 1974 Kennedy .50 cent piece; next to a NeoTec Copper 365gr expanded slug that was fire into a ballistic gelatin block from between 45 and 50 yards away. That range duplicates about 70% of most deer taken with a slug gun. This NeoTec Copper 365gr expanded slug weights 302gr (an 83% weight retention) and it expanded to just over the size of a half a dollar! An expanded slug like the one shown, @1800 fps, and spinning at 54,000 rpm’s (when fired thru a 1-24 twist rate barrel), and weighting over 300 grains, acts just like a hole saw!

The technology behind the 20ga Schrifle™  NeoTec Copper –“Hollow Bullet” Design.

The NeoTec Copper series design is a example of “out of the box thinking .”  The “Hollow Bullet with Internal Structure”, patent number US 9,372,05 B2, uses a pressurized elastomer truss that is flexible enough to help the thin side walls of the hollow copper slug to upset in size, to better fit your barrel diameter. After firing and the upset to the bore has taken place by the bullet side walls, the pressurized elastomer truss remains strong enough to support the thin copper side walls from collapsing inward while the slug is being forced thru the barrel. Correct implementation of these two events, in order, is critical to insure proper flight requirements and the elimination of flyers. With this new “hollow bullet” design, a full bore size diameter/condfigureation bullet can be maintained, while greatly reducing its overall weight. Making it possible to load the same physical size bullet at higher velocities than its original full density configuration. [A solid copper bullet of the same size & shape could weigh over 750 grains]. Upon impact, the pressurized elastomer truss it allowed to rapidly expand outward thus aiding in the initial amount of fracturing of the o-jive (pointed part of the slug). The area in the nose section where the wall is the thinnest.

The “hollow bullet” design helps generate real expansion of a 99.9% pure copper bullet and not just shoot thru or implode on impact [Sometime, in the near future, we will be hunting with HOLLOW, even faster, metal alloy slugs made on a 3-D metal  printer]. 


The “NeoTec Copper 365gr” Premier Slug

The 365gr NeoTec Copper slug is the newest slug in the TarHunt 20ga Schrifle series. It is a high performance, full expanding, copper slug at 1800fps. It is flying at or near the same velocity as other popular sabot rounds, but it weights a full 100+ grains more!

The all new 20ga Schrifle NeoTec Copper 365 grains at 1800fps will be stable thru all known 20 gauge twist rates. The TarHunt NeoTec Copper slug is a premium full performance, bore size slug, and is on track to be largest diameter, heaviest, fastest, full expanding of all the copper slugs in the industry. While retaining as much as 85% of its original weight when used on thin skin big game. The bore size NeoTec Copper 365gr slug has a unique felt recoil. The slug generates a clock wise torque on the gun and requires two handed gun control, when testing off of a bench rest.

The 20ga Schrifle NeoTec Copper  slug will also qualify as a “Green” non-toxic projectile for the areas that require a non-toxic slug.  The current trajectory data for the 20ga Schrifle NeoTec Copper 365gr slug has been added below, next to the Raptor Alv 270gr data, so a side  by side comparison can be made. You may be surprised by the heavier slug. Only a 2″ trajectory arc, either above or below,  your aiming point, thru 150 yards when zero at the proper yardage.

Half Dollar Size Expansion, 82% Weight Retention, Flattest Shooting, More Energy Down Range.

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in the  20ga.”Schrifle”  NeoTec Copper series of  a non-sabot slug round. All orders until further notice will be shipped directly from TarHunt. The webmaster has installed a  “blue buy now” tab on the opening home page as well as a normal ordering format under the ammo tab and under the hunting ammo drop down.

Accuracy Detail

The new 20ga Schrifle: NeoTec Copper 365gr @1800fps and the Raptor Alv 270gr slug will work thru all known 20ga twist rates. I feel the NeoTec Copper 365gr is by far the best choice for deer hunting with the 20ga Schrifle series of slugs. It is a very accurate slug, when fired in a SAAMI diameter barrel. A non-lead  (a green, non-toxic) maximum expansion slug with a high percentage of weigh retention.

Calculated trajectory:  Current indications show the 270gr Raptor Alv high performance slugs @ 1975fps may be the heaviest weight slug useable in the 1900fps +  range.    Note: the Raptor Alv 270gr data uses a 150yds zero and the drop looks much better than the 365gr Copper slug at 200yds. But look how high the mid-range trajectory is, using the 270gr**, at 100 yards and it has 16% less energy at 200yds.

Raptor Alv-lead core 270gr.**


3.07 **

150 ZERO
 -3.31       (where is your aiming point?)
-8.07      (where is your aiming point?)


Calculated trajectory:  In  comparing, the 365gr NeoTec Copper @1800fps to 270gr Raptor Alv slug @1975 fps. Notice that the NeoTec 365gr Copper shoots flatter and has more energy at 150yds.. The increased weigh makes it a much better choice for hunting thin skinned big game in the 150 thru the 200 yard range!      

“Why does the 365gr NeoTec Copper slug use a 130yd zero while the 270gr Raptor Alv slug and all brands of sabot ammo, uses a 150 yard zero”?     Notice the trajectory’s number highlighted at 50, 100, 150, and 200 yards.  When using the NeoTec Copper 365gr it means that for the first 150 yards you have a total of a 4 inch maximum variation  in your trajectory curve. In the heat of the battle that means hold center and shoot, no guessing. But look (how low) it is at 200yd. Exactly my point, at 200yds all you have to do it to lay your horizontal cross hair right on top the back bone a squeeze the trigger. The 12″ of drop will place your shot in the heart/lung area. No guessing just a quick way of managing  200 yards with a Premier Schrifle slug round that has the energy to get the job done.

NeoTec Copper 365gr.

Range-yards Velocity-fps Energy-ft/lbs Trajectory-inches
0 1800 2650 -1.45
50 1618 2121 +2.10




130 ZERO 1304 1377     0.0


175 1169


 -6.54         (17% more energy @ 175yds)




-12.70       (back bone hold) – hit the heart at 200yds


From May-1, 2018 thru how ever long they lastTarHunt will release a 6-ROUND SAMPLE BOX, your choice of a of the 20ga Schrifle series: 260gr & 270gr Raptor Alv  or the NeoTec Copper 365gr slug rounds in a generic 6-round box.     The price is $28.50  for the 260gr & 270gr Raptor Alv and $32.50 for the 365gr NeoTec Copper, in a sample 6- round box +ups.

Note: The Raptor Alv in 240 grain and the Raptor Alv 265 grain has been discontinued. There are a few boxes of 260 grain for as long as the last.

TarHunt can be reached at: 570-784-6368 (9am-4pm)


Gel-block video

Look at this youtube video of a 8 inch square, 18 inch long, 21 pound gelatin block, (normally used to test rifle bullets). It was hit with the new, reduced load, 20ga Schrifle slug. The slug is a full bore size 62cal, 260gr. slug fired from a full 40 yards away using a 1-23tr. The lower your twist rate number (1-23tr) the more RPM”S the slug has to aid in cutting a bigger wound channel.

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The gel block reacts to the impact of the 20ga “Schrifle” by producing 9-10 different severe shock  waves patterns as the slug moves thru the 17 inches of the gel block! If you look closely you can see the Raptor HP design  separating into 3 peddles, about 120 degrees apart. The peddles then penetrated out ward for Approximately 7 inches.  At the end of the video the 21 pound block is stood up on end and is flipped off the table. The multi-shock waves, seen here in this video, of a 20ga “Schrifle”  moving thru this gel block is a good representation of the wound channel trauma produced by a 20ga “Schrifle” slug going thru a 16″ thick Deer size animal!


Randy with all issues about lead slugs, and now they’re going to be banned here in California, and it’s heading that way across the country. There has always been rumors about you guys putting out a copper slug. Just wondering how far away is that from really happening? 

The 20ga Schrifle series slugs are a reality. There is a 20ga Schrifle: Raptor Alv allow slug 270gr. and the 20ga Schrifle: NeoTec Copper 365gr slug @1800fps.


Since then TarHunt has been working a total new slug concept. Patent and trade marked as the  20ga “Schrifle”

It is a bore size non sabot slug round.  This is a full bore size .620ths. diameter 20 gauge (NON SABOT) slug weighing 270 grain.
This event will be even more interesting than it was in 1992; when I introduced the 12 rifle TarHunt Custom Rifle slug gun to the market!
This news should be interesting when it hits the forums…

See the TarHunt web site, home page, for pages of info on the 20ga Schrifle series of 20ga slugs!!