“20ga NeoTec™ FLC” 2 3/4″ and 3″ Copper 355gr (GREEN) Slug Round. “A round for all length factory chambers”.

“20ga NeoTec™ FLC in 3″ 355gr Bore Size Copper Slug”

The 3” 20ga NeoTec™ FLC” (Full Length Case) round is a, 355 grain, lead free, hollow Copper Slug”.  The first totally new slug that address the lead free, controlled expansion and rifle like accuracy issues of slug gun ammo over the last 90 years! The 3” NeoTec™ FLC round uses the “Hollow Bullet with Truss” patent design. It replaces the normal lead core with a truss! It retains approxamently 80% of its original weight after impact and acts like a “hole saw after expansing”.

Both the 20ga 2 ¾” NeoTec™ FLC and the 20ga 3” NeoTec™ FLC 355gr Copper design slugs are an example of “Out of the Box Thinking.”  They must be used in their designated chamber length for “top performance”.  Just order you slugs by the longest chamber size marked on your barrel and you will have the right slug for your slug gun! Keep out of the reach of children! 

The Terms and Conditions are subject to change at TarHunt Inc. sole discretion without prior notice to you. Any changes made are effective upon posting. It is your responsibility to review these Terms and Conditions because you will be bound by any changes made.

TarHunt is not responsible for any and all damages to the firearm(s), person(s) firing the firearm, and/or person(s) as bystanders, due to the improper installation of a TarHunt barrel by anyone other than a TarHunt employee. The failure of a Savage 220 action, or the use of the TarHunt 2.2″ Schrifle series of bore size Copper slugs in a 3″ chamber. The NeoTec FLC series of bore size Copper slugs in a Hastings or any other rifled barrel that does not comply with SAAMI rifled barrel specifications.

“This could cause gun damage or serious personal injuries or even death!” By using this product the USER assumes all responsibility for firing this round through any type of a smooth bore with a fixed choke, a screw in choke tube, a rifled tube or a Hastings rifled barrel, period!   

Hasting barrel Warning:

Both the20ga 2.2″ Schrifle™ and the 20ga NeoTec™ FLC series of slugs, will be loaded with the 20ga Copper TarHunt slug(s); they are full bore size diameter 20ga Copper slugs. They were manufactured to US- SAAMI SPECIFICATIONS of (.618ths (-.000) Min. & (+.002) for a .620ths Max. diameter).  Commonly referred to as– (.618ths +.002ths -.000ths). All the TarHunt 20ga Copper slugs are .619ths IN DIAMETER.

The Hastings rifled barrels were manufactured in France, for Hastings.     They were manufactured under C.I.P. European barrel standards. That means they have a smaller .616ths Inside Bore Diameter. The barrels have been known to BLOW OPEN, when a full diameter Copper or Sabot loaed with a solid slug that is a (SAAMI approve round).           “These barrels could cause serious personal injuries or death”. 



“Advisory”:  The 3″ NeoTec “Full Length Case” (FLC) Copper slug is the right choice for any 20ga rifled barrel with a 3” chamber. The TarHunt 20ga 3″ NeoTec™ “Full Length Case” (FLC) is shown here on the right photo, loaded with a 355gr hollow Copper slug.

Note:  Starting in Feb of 2023 a 16MM tall  “BRASS HEAD CASE” will be standard hull loaded in the 20ga 3″ NeoTec FLC  355gr Copper slug round!

The older loading of the 20ga 3″ NeoTec FLC round shown here, has a 16mm tall Silver color head and will be “phased out” in Feburary of 2023.

“Remember  a 3″ long case ONLY measures 3” long; BEFORE it is loaded or After it is fired in a 3″ chamber”!  In this case the 16mm taller head is also a indecator of the 3″ NeoTec FLC  slug round.



“The ultimate 2 3/4″, bore size, fully expanding Copper slug”!      The 20ga 2 ¾” NeoTec FLC round is loaded in a yellow hull and it has a (SHORTER 8MM) BRASS Head.   Notice HOW SIMILAR the loaded rounds look in each 0f the photos!  ALL EXCEPT for the COLOR and HEIGHT of the Heads

 The 2 3/4″ long case is only 2 3/4″ long before it is loaded or after it is fired in a 2 3/4″ or a 3″ chamber!




“THE TECHNOLOGY: Behind our Hollow Copper Slug”.

The “Hollow Slug with Truss” design removes the lead core used in projectiles for over 200 years and replaces it with a strong, light weight, pressurized, elastomer-polymer truss. This new type of core is flexible enough to allow the side walls of the hollow copper slug to lock into the rifling and upsetting to the inside diameter of the barrel. These two events taking place are critical to insure consistency by eliminating the wild flyers caused by an out of round slug or under-rotated slug. After the slug has upset in size the pressurized elastomer truss remains strong enough to support the thin wall copper 0-jive area (pointed part of the slug) from collapsing inward while the slug is being forced thru the barrel. Upon impact, the pressurized elastomer truss also aids in the rapidly (outward) expansion of the 0-jive area.



“Proper shape and Diameter”:        Using this new “Hollow Bullet with Truss” design, a Premier Copper bore size 20ga slug can be manufactured, while greatly reducing its overall weight.  The ideal physical size of a 20ga bore size projectile, for use in a 1-24tr barrel, is (1.100ths long x .619ths in diameter). If it were made of solid Copper, It would weigh over 1000gr! Now a slug can be made with the same physical size, shape, and material but weighting only 355 grains instead. That’s a 2/3 reduction in weight and a 26% increase in diameter over 45cal sabot rounds. That makes it possible to achieve the same velocities as the much lighter & smaller diameter 45cal sabot rounds, with a full bore size slug. The “20ga “Hollow Bullet with Truss” slug retains aproxamently 83% of the original weight and less than 1% of the flyers are slug related. All other current sabot rounds average 10% to 12% flyers, caused by the inconsistent fit to the bore size of your barrel, causing an un-expected trajectory and less energy down range. The 20ga 355gr Copper slugs are show here in an actual size comparison to 45cal projectile used in most sabot rounds.                      “Size comparison remains the same at any Magnification”.


“Why is case length so important for slug accuracy”?     

When a shorter case, such as a 2.2″ Schrifle case OR a standard 2 3/4″ slug round, is fired in a longer 3″ factory chamber, you lose a percentage of your chamber pressure every shot. Because the slug must jump thru (almost .700ths of an inch) of unsealed and unguided area between the mouth of the case and the start of the rifling.  The loss of pressure will be even greater in gas operated auto loaders.      The question then becomes with this unguided jump, did the slug enter the rifling straight in line with the bore or off center and become a flyer? The front end of the slug should enter the rifling while the rear of the slug is being held in line with the CENTER OF THE BORE, by a front portion of the case!     Both Accuracy and overall Performance will suffer every time a shorter case is fired in a longer 3″ chamber. The most likely result will be vertical groups. The lower the temperature your hunting in, the greater the pressure loss. The slug could totally change its point of impact!     “In part because the chamber is not sealed when you are using a short case in a 3″chamber”.


“Bigger is Better”:       For comparison purposes this photo shows a 1974 Kennedy .50 cent piece; next to an expanded NeoTec FLC Copper 355gr slug. It was expanded by firing into a ballistic gelatin block from between 45 to 50 yards away. That range duplicates about 70% of most deer taken with a slug gun. The expanded slug now weights 302gr (an 83% weight retention – from the original 355gr) and it expanded to the size of a half a dollar! Shown here in actual size.

Notice that the expanded nose section of the slug only fold open to form right angles to the body of the slug!  They did not fold down along the sides of the slug, making it smaller in diameter as it moves forward, after impact! An expanded slug like the one shown here, @1790 fps, is spinning at 53,000 rpm’s (when fired thru a 1-24 twist rate barrel), and still weighting over 300 grains, after it expands. “It acts just like 1 1/8″ diameter hole-saw!”     The overall Size comparison remains the same at any Magnification.

NOW, a slug can be made with the same physical size and shape (as a full bore size 20ga Copper slug weighting 1100+ grains), but weighting only 355 grains instead.


SHOOTING the 20ga 3″ NeoTec FLC 355gr, Bore Size Copper Round.    A MUST READ!

20ga NeoTec FLC rounds are now available off of the web store!

By using the 20ga 3” NeoTec Copper slug you have made your slug gun into a BIG BORE Rifle that is ballisticly better than the 45/70 Govt standard production round. The slug is a .62 caliber bullet, 26% bigger in diameter then the 45 caliber and 500+fps faster than the 45/70 Govt round. Don’t WAST your slugs/MONEY shooting at 100yds to begin with; (you may be disappointed). UNTIL you can shoot golf ball sizes GROUPS at 50 yards, you have not mastered shooting, a slow velocity, Big Bore Rifle form a shooting bench.  As with any new technology, there always seems to be a cause and effect issue that comes to light and must be considered, to get the best performance out of something New or Improved. Sometimes they require making some open minded adjustments.      

The NeoTec FLC slug DOES NOT react like any other 20ga slug round you have ever fired. The 3″ 20ga NeoTec FLC 355gr Copper slug has a unique felt recoil. It feels and reacts like a low velocity big bore rifle, because that’s what it is!  But its recoil duration time is almost twice the amount of time that a normal Big Bore Rifle, shooting above 75+ grains of gun powder! That means you cannot relax your grip on the gun as you squeeze the trigger. Relaxing your grip comes after the recoil cycle is almost over!


“Full bore size Copper slugs and gun Torque“:

First of all of the TIME the slug spends moving thru the barrel; the muzzle is constantly rising above the point of aimNO MATTER WHAT”.  May be the forend has even lifting up off the rest? As the slug enters the rifling it is trying to twist the slug gun clockwise, as it accelerates from ZERO up to 53,000rpm’s in mille-seconds. These two actions working together causes the 10:30 flyer issue, even at 50 yards. If a high left shot is consistently frustrates you; it is because to light a grip was used particularly with your left hand!    Depending on what point you loosen your grip on the gun during the recoil cycle. The flyer can even go high right toward 2:00; if the right hand torque, causing the rotation, is allowed to completely overcome the gun during the recoil cycle.


“This is a Must”  “Consistence Gun Control”:

A firm two hand (GRIP) style gun control is required while shooting the 20ga 3” NeoTec FLC slug gun off of a shooting bench. GRIP the slug gun the same way you would hold onto any other Big Bore Mag rifle, to keep from being hit above the eye by the telescope.

When you use the proper two handed grip and if you’re sitting in the right position behind the gun. UNLESS the slug gun slides straight back ON THE REST, with minimal muzzle lift, while the slug is in the barrel, you are going to continue to shoot large groups even at 50 yards.

ALSO, a “very consistence amount of grip” is required with both hands, shot to shot, firing any slug past 135 yards. The amount of muzzle lift will be in-consistent; as any changes in your GRIP will affect the trajectory (point of impact) down range.  Every shooter will hold the gun slightly different but ONLY when you become consistence in your GRIP, can you truly zero your slug gun.  That’s why another person CANNOT truly zero someone else’s slug gun.

If the overall felt recoil, recoil felt thru the grip of your hands on the gun and the push on you shoulder, doesn’t feel the same each round thru out the recoil cycle.  You have not yet master the technique of shooting a slow Big Bore Rifle off of a bench. And accuracy will suffer.


Zeroing a bolt action slug from a Shooting Bench:

Lead Sleds, usually won’t work to zero a hard kicking rifle; and is even worse trying to zero a slug gun because of the time the slug spends moving thru the barrel, compared to a rifle bullet.  If the slug gun is being held to solidly by the lead sled and NOT allowed to slide straight back while the slug is moving thru the barrel; the gun reacts by trying to just jump out of the Lead sled.  If there is no real TWO  hand gun control the muzzle can be pointed anywhere by the time the slug leaves the muzzle!!

“It feels and reacts like the big bore rifle”, because that’s what it is. The 20ga 3″ NeoTec™ FLC slug round may have been designed to be fired in a 3″ 20ga slug gun with a factory chamber, and a fully rifled barrel. But the slug takes almost twice the amount of time to move thru the barrel , as a rifle bullet does!  That means you cannot relax your grip on the gun as you squeeze the trigger. Relaxing your grip comes after the recoil cycle is over! The tendency of most shooters is too relax their grip and back away from the gun as the trigger is squeezed; instead of continue holding the grip until the recoil cycle is almost done. Thinking this will somehow reduce the actual  felt recoil? The reality is the felt recoil is now even more as the 10lb gun gets a running shot at you shoulder.   Instead of the recoil energy being used up pushing your upper body back over center and absorbing the recoil at a much more comfortable rate.

Avoid leaning forward at a sharp angle. Sitting behind a hard recoiling rifle at a sharp angle, the recoil is NOW trying slide you butt or the bench you’re sitting on backwards; causing EVEN more muzzle lift and all that goes with it!

Setting up your slug gun on the shooting bench:

You have just read all the technical reasons why the 20ga 3” NeoTec™ FLC Copper slug could move the muzzle around a lot before the slug exits the barrel; when firing off of a shooting bench.  To begin with, start with how YOU physically set at the bench and how to set up your slug gun on the shooting bench. It is just as important as the technical side of controlling the slug gun itself. It would take a long time to explain how to do just that in writing. The TarHunt web site has a video that explains just that. All the major points are discussed in this video. It is well worth the 4.5 minutes it takes to view this video. BOLT ACTION ZEROING TECHNIQUES

   Un-known-  “Learn from the mistakes of others”. “You won’t live long enough to make all of them yourself.”      TarHunt Est. 1983    “In GOD we trust!”
Randy Fritz, pres.



Definition of a slug gun:   “When a slug gun is fired at a shoulder height, (considered to be 5ft above a level plain). The projectile will hit in the dirt at maximum of 250 yards down range”.

NEVER fire a 3″ rounds in a 2 ¾” length chamber”     Always remember; a 3″ case will fit into a 2 ¾” chamber and the action will even close; It will even extract, as long as it is NOT FIRED!  So be careful! 

If a 3” case is fired in a 2 ¾” chamber; pressures will GO WELL ABOVE EXCEPTABLE LIMINTS because the 3″ case does not have enough room to open fully. So the slug must literally TEAR off the end of the case before it can move down the barrel. That could be a disaster waiting to happen!  SERIOUS INJURY MAY OCCUR TO THE SHOOTER, AND/OR BY STANDERS, and POSSIBLY DESTROY THE GUN!  TarHunt assumes no responability for the misuse of any of the NeoTec FLC or Schrifle Copper slug rounds.


All orders will be shipped directly from TarHunt until further notice. Loaded ammunition or primed hulls, shipped by UPS ground service, do not require a Haz-Mat fee. Any ammunition shipped by air service does require an expensive Air Haz-Mat fee. 

ATTENTION:  Residents of CA, CT, DE, DC, IL, KS, MA, NY, WA, parts of OH, MD and most major population areas in any state.  Check your local laws before ordering ammunition products over the internet.    By placing an order with TarHunt web site or by phone; you certify that you are of legal age and satisfy all federal, state and local legal/regulatory requirements prior to purchase of ammunition and then have it shipped to your residents..

NeoTec™ —  (new technology)      FLC– “Full Length Case”       

20ga 3″ and 2 3/4″ NeoTec™ FLC rounds are AVAILABLE NOW off ot the web site.        The 62cal 20ga:   2 3/4″ & 3″ “NeoTec™ FLC 355gr Copper slug is just under the so called normal 20ga slug weight (385gr 7/8oz 20ga) that has been loaded for decades.

Availability: of the (16ga 2 3/4″ NeoTec FLC) and the 2 ¾” or  3″ (12ga NeoTec™ FLC)  rounds will depend on the PRICE AND AVAILABLITY OF THE .750 DIAMETER solid Copper rod, they are precision machined from.