Purchasing, Cancellations, and Returns


We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

All firearms payments are processed only after a personal conference takes place, with the buyer.

TarHunt is responsible to make sure the customer is in compliance with all applicable federal ATF regulations concerning the transfer of ownership of a new firearm in to his/her name.  The customer assumes full responsibility of compliance with any state, local laws and limitations related to the purchase, transfer, possession, transportation of any firearms, or ammunition in the locality in which the customer resides.

High value items and/or orders are placed on hold and an ID will be required prior to shipping. This is to protect our customers from fraudulent use of their information or credit cards. Please keep this in mind if you select a priority method. NO 2nd day of overnight ammo shipments.

NOTE: Any order with a different billing address and ship to address will be held for verification before being shipped.

Payment Methods

TarHunt Custom Rifles Inc. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All payment methods are sent to us via secure connection, and then promptly deleted. We encourage using the web site store to make all ammo purchases as an order over the phone order may not be nearly as secure. We DO NOT store your credit card details to protect the security of your information.

Parts & All other Accessories not manufacture by TarHunt Custom Rifles

TarHunt Custom Rifles new and re-manufactured firearms

Shipping ammo. All ammo MUST be shipped via Ground Transportation

We WILL NOT ship ammunition to the following areas:

This is not a comprehensive list, but is meant as a guide. It is in no way meant to include all laws and restrictions across the    United   States. Please contact the authorities in your area for any possible restrictions. If you do live in a restricted area, your order will be cancelled.

Areas that We must ship to the address on the FID

ATF Firearm Regulations

All Federal Firearm License laws apply when purchasing a firearm. Anyone desiring to purchase a firearm must be able to pass a background check (Click here for the ATF web site for more information). There are age limits on the sale of certain items. And certain types of items are illegal in certain places – for example ‘assault weapons’ cannot be sold in California and certain types of ammunition are illegal in certain states and cities. The NRA also has put together a terrific state-by-state gun laws guide. The ATF   has compiled information on the various state laws; click here to view this information. Again, it is your responsibility to make sure that you comply with federal, state and local laws. We do not tolerate attempted illegal activity here!

You do not have to be a licensed dealer to buy a firearm. If you are not a licensed dealer (also called an FFL Holder), you must  make arrangements with an FFL holder in your state to receive the item and transfer it to you. Virtually anyone who is involved in the sale or distribution of firearms is an FFL holder, including gun shops. The customer must make arrangements with their FFL holder to receive any firearm, receiver, or any other item described by the ATF as a firearm. For any firearm purchase, the buyer must be  able to pass a background check.

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