Purchasing, Cancellations, Installation of upgrades and Returns

Savage upgrade Liability clause: The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the proper installation of this number one (1) barrel upgrade on the Savage 220 bolt action slug gun. This includes setting the headspace to the proper SAAMI specification and applying the proper torque on the barrel nut. Once the barrel nut is properly torqued and the head space is rechecked; the purchaser must stamp the barrel with the proper markings as follows [ 20ga. 3″ 1-24tr. ] in an easily readable position on the barrel. Check the muzzle brake after cleaning for a bore obstruction, such as a stuck cleaning patch. Check the holes in the muzzle break for carbon/plastic build up every 2 years minimum. There is no implied accuracy guarantee with any barrel TarHunt did not install. TarHunt is not responsible for any and all damages to the firearm(s), person(s) firing the firearm, and/or person(s) as bystanders, due to the improper installation of this barrel or due to the failure of the Savage 220 action.

We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

All firearms payments are processed only after a personal conference takes place, with the buyer.

TarHunt is responsible to make sure the customer is in compliance with all applicable federal ATF regulations concerning the transfer of ownership of a new firearm in to his/her name. The customer assumes full responsibility of compliance with any state, local laws and limitations related to the purchase, transfer, possession, transportation of any firearms, or ammunition in the locality in which the customer resides. See websites like https://gunlawsuits.org/gun-laws/arizona/ to see what gun laws apply to your state if you are ever unsure.

High value items and/or orders are placed on hold and an ID will be required prior to shipping. This is to protect our customers from fraudulent use of their information or credit cards. Please keep this in mind if you select a priority method. NO 2nd day of overnight ammo shipments.

NOTE: Any order with a different billing address and ship to address will be held for verification before being shipped.

Deposit & Cancellations

NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without notice. As much as a $90.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE) charge will be assessed against your original deposit for any cancellations on the owners behalf; to offset return shipping costs. Any special items purchased, by TarHunt, especially for your build; the costs will also be deducted from your deposit and become will the property of TarHunt Custom Rifles.

Payment Methods

TarHunt Custom Rifles Inc. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All payment methods are sent to us via secure connection, and then promptly deleted. We encourage using the web site store to make all ammo purchases as an order over the phone order may not be nearly as secure. We DO NOT store your credit card details to protect the security of your information. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Parts & All other Accessories not manufacture by TarHunt Custom Rifles

  • TarHunt cannot verify nor guarantee fitment of any firearm part or accessory. Please check with the manufacture prior to ordering for proper fitment. TarHunt will not provide return shipment for firearms parts or accessories that do not fit.
  • Return shipping is solely the responsibility of the customer. We have a NO RETURN policy on Ammunition.

TarHunt Custom Rifles new and re-manufactured firearms

  • Because we build one of a kind, made to order, firearms, TarHunt requires a minimum deposit of $1000.00 of which $500.00 is (NON refundable). We have a NO return policy for firearms. Our firearms carry a life time warranty, excluding neglect or abuse.
  • If some un for seen hardship occurs, within the first 5 days after taking possession of a firearm;
  • The best TarHunt can do is to buy the firearm back, but only at a used gun price. A custom one of a kind firearm built specifically for one customer, may take months, even years, to resell as a used firearm to another customer. Thus making the used value hard to predict or control.

Shipping ammo:

SHIPPING: Ammunition or hulls shipped by ground service do not require a Haz-Mat fee. Any ammunition shipped by air service does require an Air Haz-Mat fee. Our sales associates can help you with any questions.

ATTENTION: Residents of CA, CT, DE, DC, IL, KS, MA, NY, OH and WA, check your local laws before ordering ammunition products. By placing an order, you certify you are of legal age and satisfy all federal, state and local legal/regulatory requirements prior to purchase.