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TarHunt Give away:   A 6-round sample pack of the new TarHunt 20ga Schrifle round.     The ONLY true bore size, 62 caliber slug; the “NeoTec Copper” 365 grain  @ 1800 fps. This newest generation of a 20ga slug is strictly for rifled barrels with either a 2 3/4″ or 3″ chamber.     Go to the website home page; (click on the RED learn more tab) for complete specifications on the new slug.

No entries will be processed prior to June  1, 2019. The first weekly drawing, starts (Friday the 23 of Aug) and every Friday there after thru Sept 27, 2019.      Only one (1) entry per week is allowed.

The week starts on a Saturday and the drawing for that week takes place on the following Friday.     The TarHunt contest starts on the week of Aug 17, 2019 with the first drawing on Aug 23, 2019,  The contest runs thru (Friday) Sept 27, 2019 is the last drawing.

All entries must be addressed to: webmaster@tarhunt.com  to be included in any particular weeks drawing!


Lightfield Ammo Corp WILL NOT BE sponsoring a free ammo contest (give a way) this 2019 fall season.

The Lightfield Ammunition Corp is going to move its loading operation back to the USA by early 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstance there  will be a limited production available for the up coming 2019 fall hunting season.

If your local store runs out; check the tarhunt.com web site.  NO DEALER OR BULK ORDERS PLEASE!


2015  GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Richard Sullivan   Rochester NY

Nov-14   Joe Cantrill Kingsport TN.

Nov-20   Bryan Smith Sheridan AR.

Nov-27   Matthias Butt V.B. Virginia VA.

Dec-04   Gary Weber Saint Johns  MI.

Dec-11   Jeffery Miller  Co. Springs CO.

Dec-18  Craig Preston Comstock Park MI.


2016 GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Matthias Butt  Virginia Beach VA.

Oct-7  Thomas Lehn  Hayward CA.

Oct-14  Richard Demanche  Candia  NH.

Oct-21  Joe Cantrill  Kingsport  TN.

Oct-28  Craig Preston  Comstock Park MI.

Nov-4   Thomas Lehn  Hayward  CA.

Nov-11  Joe Cantrill  Kingsport TN.

Nov-18  Larry Nicholson Hagerstown MD.

Nov-25  Matthias Butt  Virginia Beach VA.

Dec-2  Gary Weber St. Johns  MI.

Dec-9   Bryan Smith  Sheridan AK.

Dec-16  Jeffery Miller  Colorado Springs CO.


2017 GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Wayne Preston   Comstock Park, MI.

Oct-14  Thomas Lehn Hayward, CA.

Oct-21 Rick Flanders Floral Park, NY

Oct-28 Wayne Preston Comstock Park, MI.

Nov-4 Ryan Stuart Wellsville, PA

Nov-11 Joe Felegie Savannah, Ga.

Nov-18 James Sulzer Kempton, PA


2018 Contests Winners for TarHunt 20ga Schrifle round only.

TarHunt   Aug 24       David Skrab     Gilbertsville  PA

TarHunt    Aug 31       Mark Lindenmuth    Wolverine Lake MI

TarHunt    Sept 7        Joe Clark             Greenlake PA

TarHunt    Sept 14       David Martin    Norton, VA

TarHunt    Sept 21       Eddie Davis       Troutville  VA

TarHunt    Sept 28       Greg Mullins     Coeburn   VA

TarHunt     Oct 05        Chad Corvin       Big Clifty  KY

TarHunt     Oct 12          Gary Weber       Saint Johns   MI

TARHUNT CONTEST CLOSED ON OCT. 12, 2018  Thank’s to all who entered.. Good Hunting.


2018 Lightfield Grand Prize Winner:    Patrick Norris      Hancock  MD

LAC         Oct 12         William Schaff       Rising Sun  MD

LAC         Oct  19         Marco Sousa          Taunton, Massachusetts

LAC         Oct   26        Joe  Felegie           Savannah GA

LAC          NOV  02      David Skrab        Gilbertsville  PA

LAC          NOV 09       Kyle Curtiss         Grand Rapids  MI

LAC          NOV  16        Patrick Norris      Hancock  MD

LAC CONTEST ENDED ON NOV 16, 2018. Good Hunting, Thanks to all that entered.


2019 Contests Winners for TarHunt 20ga Schrifle 6-round box only.

TarHunt      Aug 23        Cynthia Mullins        Clintwood VA

TarHunt      Aug 30        Thomas Burgess       Kalamazoo MI

TarHunt      Sept 06        Gregory Vandyke      Belding MI

TarHunt      Sept 13        Michael Strouth        Pound VA

TarHunt      Sept  20       Kurt Kisch               Maple Grove  MN

TarHunt      Sept 27         Chris Hazelton       Zimmerman   MN

TarHunt contest closed on Sept. 27, 2019. Thanks to all who enter.