The 2017 Lightfield fall Hunting Season Slug give away will start on Friday of the week ending October-07 and continue thru the week ending on Friday the 17 of November.

A winner will be drawn on the Friday of each week starting Oct-7 and continuing thru November-17. No entries will be processed prior to 9/23/17.

Continue to check for future events sponsored by TarHunt and/or Lightfield.

 Only one (1) entry per week is allowed. The week starts on a Saturday and the drawing for that week takes place on the following Friday. Entries must be addressed to:        <  webmaster@tarhunt  >.

Lightfield Ammunition is also offering a 2017 Grand Prize Winner a case (100 rounds) of the slug of there choice. 


2015  GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Richard Sullivan   Rochester NY

Nov-14   Joe Cantrill Kingsport TN.

Nov-20   Bryan Smith Sheridan AR.

Nov-27   Matthias Butt V.B. Virginia VA.

Dec-04   Gary Weber Saint Johns  MI.

Dec-11   Jeffery Miller  Co. Springs CO.

Dec-18  Craig Preston Comstock Park MI.


2016 GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Matthias Butt  Virginia Beach VA.

Oct-7  Thomas Lehn  Hayward CA.

Oct-14  Richard Demanche  Candia  NH.

Oct-21  Joe Cantrill  Kingsport  TN.

Oct-28  Craig Preston  Comstock Park MI.

Nov-4   Thomas Lehn  Hayward  CA.

Nov-11  Joe Cantrill  Kingsport TN.

Nov-18  Larry Nicholson Hagerstown MD.

Nov-25  Matthias Butt  Virginia Beach VA.

Dec-2  Gary Weber St. Johns  MI.

Dec-9   Bryan Smith  Sheridan AK.

Dec-16  Jeffery Miller  Colorado Springs CO.