The 2017 Lightfield fall Hunting Season Slug give away ended on Nov-17 2017.

The 2018 contest will start ON the first week end in Oct and continuing thru mid November. No entries will be processed prior to last week in Sept, 2018.

Continue to check for future events sponsored by TarHunt and/or Lightfield.

 Only one (1) entry per week is allowed. The week starts on a Saturday and the drawing for that week takes place on the following Friday. Entries must be addressed to:        <  webmaster@tarhunt  >.

Lightfield Ammunition is also offering a 2017 Grand Prize Winner a case (100 rounds) of the slug of there choice. 


2015  GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Richard Sullivan   Rochester NY

Nov-14   Joe Cantrill Kingsport TN.

Nov-20   Bryan Smith Sheridan AR.

Nov-27   Matthias Butt V.B. Virginia VA.

Dec-04   Gary Weber Saint Johns  MI.

Dec-11   Jeffery Miller  Co. Springs CO.

Dec-18  Craig Preston Comstock Park MI.


2016 GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Matthias Butt  Virginia Beach VA.

Oct-7  Thomas Lehn  Hayward CA.

Oct-14  Richard Demanche  Candia  NH.

Oct-21  Joe Cantrill  Kingsport  TN.

Oct-28  Craig Preston  Comstock Park MI.

Nov-4   Thomas Lehn  Hayward  CA.

Nov-11  Joe Cantrill  Kingsport TN.

Nov-18  Larry Nicholson Hagerstown MD.

Nov-25  Matthias Butt  Virginia Beach VA.

Dec-2  Gary Weber St. Johns  MI.

Dec-9   Bryan Smith  Sheridan AK.

Dec-16  Jeffery Miller  Colorado Springs CO.


2017 GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Wayne Preston   Comstock Park, MI.

Oct-14  Thomas Lehn Hayward, CA.

Oct-21 Rick Flanders Floral Park, NY

Oct-28 Wayne Preston Comstock Park, MI.

Nov-4 Ryan Stuart Wellsville, PA

Nov-11 Joe Felegie Savannah, Ga.

Nov-18 James Sulzer Kempton, PA