TKO Rating

We believe the TKO rating is an important additional consideration of measuring the effectiveness of any close range hunting cartridge. TKO factor directly relates to the deer hunter using a slug gun because slugs guns and dangerous game are both normally taken under 100 yards. Dangerous game needs to be taken on the spot to keep the hunter safe. In high population areas where slug guns are used the deer needs to be taken on the spot because if it runs more than 100 yards some other hunter will have your trophy buck!

For the first time we have include the TKO rating (Taylor Knock Out Factor), for TarHunt  3″ 20ga NeoTec FLC bore size, Copper slug, @1800fps.  We hope this provides you with an invaluable tool to assess Lightfield comparative “Stopping Power” to other brands of sabot slug gun ammunition.

The TKO factor was formulated by John Taylor who was a hunter of dangerous big game in Africa in the early 20th century. The TKO factor is the holy grail for Safari Club Members.

His formula generates, a figure of merit for knock down power for all cartridges. The bigger the number the greater the knock down power. A simple way to mathematically  evaluating/comparing  knock down power generated by all projectiles; using a constant formula. Nothing more, nothing less.

The TKO factor is found by multiplying the bullets weight (grains) by its velocity (fps) then by its diameter, and dividing that result by 7000.

Bullet wt (gr) x vel (fps) x bullet dia.

TKO formula applied to the TarHunt  3″ 20ga NeoTec FLC, bore size Copper slug..

TKO factor = 355gr x vel. 1850fps .x .620 slug dia. = 407185 divided by 7000.
TKO = 58      3″ 20ga NeoTec FLC 355gr @1800

Here is an example of one of the new .45 cal. Polymer tip/jacketed pistol bullet used by another manufacturer.
385 gr. x 1900fps x .451 dia. =329906.5 divided by 7000.
TKO value of 47

Here are some TKO values for some rifle cartilages shown for comparison value only

A standard .270 Winchester rifle cartridge130 gr x 3100fps x .277 divided by 7000 = 111631 div. by 7000 equals TKO value 16

A 300 Win Mag. 200ga.bullet. 3100fps. TKO value 27

A 460 Weatherby Mag. 500 gr. bullet at 2480fps. TKO value 81

A 50 cal. BMG cartage with a750 gr. bullet at 2850fps. TKO value 152

If you want to have your eyes opened just do you own comparison on the other jacketed pistol bullets being used by other sabot slug manufactures.

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