Announcing the newest addition to high velocity slug ammo:

The 20ga. Schrifle™
365gr NeoTec™ Copper Slug

No longer just a slug gun, but not quite a rifle, it's a Schrifle™. For fully rifled barrels only.

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Savage 220 Upgrades

“Secure Your Barrel Conversion Now for the 2023 Season!”

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Mountaineer RSG-20ga

Stainless Steel Slug Gun

The TarHunt RSG series of slug guns are based on TarHunt’s own two-lug, custom control feed, bolt action design especially for slug guns. The action is drilled and tapped for standard Leupold or Weaver bases.


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“ Drawing CLOSED for the- 3″ 20ga NeoTec FLC 6-round sample boxes”

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“Bucks, Boars & Bears” A 73cal, Lightfield IDS-sabot design. A 2 3/4″ 456gr slug @ 1600fps.

The TarHunt has access to a variety of Lightfield ammo that could no longer be sold thru normal distribution system because something about the packaging became obsolete for one reason or another. A new look is released and NOTHING older can be shipped. Read More

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Dedication to Quality

High Standard of Reliability

Custom Finishes

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RSG-20ga Mountaineer & RSG-12ga Professional Stainless Steel 3″ Chamber

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20ga 2 3/4″ NeoTec FLC 355gr Copper Slugs 12 round Master Pack

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DSG-12ga-Straight rifled or smooth bore

DSG-12ga 870 Express – Basic Conversion (as shown–scopes & rings NOT included)

Deer gun with a fixed, fully rifled barrel
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TarHunt’s new NeoTec FLC slug series. Savage 220 barrel upgrades for the 2022 Season!

Update:  3-01-22 20ga 2.1″ Schrifle 365gr Copper slug. The 365gr 20ga Copper, non-sabot round, is designed for its own hull & chamber length of 2.1 inches. Since is much shorter than any of the other factory length 20ga chambers. There is no conversion back to a shorter length chamber without changing the barrel itself. The […]

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“Half Dollar Size Expansion, 82% Weight Retention, Flatter Trajectory, FROM YOUR 20 GA, with 12ga Performance Down Range”.

NEW:   “OUT OF THE BOX THINKING” – “INDUSTRY TREND SETTING IDEA”!     “The first, RIFLE DESIGN, 20ga slug ammo”!  “Schrifle 365gr Copper 2.1” case length ammo available now! “Watch for second series of bore size slugs”: The “NeoTec 365gr Copper” slugs, in both 20 & 12 gauge in 2 3/4″ and 3″ slugs for factory […]

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Bolt Action Rifled Slug Guns

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