Lightfield Ammo Grab Bag “SOLD OUT”

                                                                         “SOLD OUT”

TarHunt has access to a variety of Lightfield ammo that could no longer be sold thru normal distribution system because something about the packaging became obsolete for one reason or another. IF a new 5-round box is released than NOTHING older can be shipped.  Normally this would generate a close out selling of the outdated ammo. At Lightfield; the ammo was just marked out dated by some form of a new look and just set aside!

An example of what can cause product to be shelved:   Only a small number of one colors hulls were available at the time the components were purchased causing mixed colors of the same product.  A change in the look of the 5-round box. The height of the brass head. An updated product name or description. Most of these rounds are used later on as promo give a way’s, at writer demo conferences and public demo shooting events.

A exceptionally good shooting lot of ammo may have been keep as a reference material. Used to compare against another lots of Lightfield ammo, possibly a new slug gun design, or to compare it’s performance against a new product from another manufacture.  None of these original slug designs/patents has changed since there introduction. Only the hull color or the box art work, maybe even both at the same time.

SAAMI has NOW standardizes a specific color/specification for a given round.  NOW days, it’s Yellow for 20 gauge rounds and Red for 12 gauge or Green for 16 gauge.

Price per 5 boxes (25 rounds total) is $100.00.  Shipping included.   Not all slugs are available!


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Lightfield Slug Line

The 2 3/4″ 12 gauge 546 grain Lightfield HYBRED -EXP was the first (1992). Then the 20 gauge 2 3/4″ 385 grain Hybred and  3″ 385 grain Hybred Mag 20.  The 12 gauge 3″ 546 grain Hybred Elite and the 12 gauge 2 3/4″ 546 grain Hybred Lites (reduced recoil) rounded out the Hybred series.

Later the 12 gauge COMMANDER IDS PLUS “heavy game slug” series was added to their sabot slug line. The 12 gauge 3″ 600 grain Commander IDS Plus, and the 3 1/2″  600 grain Commander IDS Plus was added.   Even a 16ga Commander IDS 437 grain sabot was added to the lineup for a while. The newest addition was the 2 3/4″ Commander IDS 456 grain Buck, Bears and Bores round.