“Bucks, Boars & Bears” A 73cal, Lightfield IDS-sabot design. A 2 3/4″ 456gr slug @ 1600fps.

The 12 gauge COMMANDER IDS-PLUS a“heavy game slug” series, a 600gr sabot design that was already a production; designed to bore through hide, tough tissue and bone; with a full bore size, 73 caliber, IDS PLUS -sabot slug. (An amazing 37″ of pentation in a 2100lb American Bison at 100yds)!

Bucks, Boars & Bears,”  a 73cal Lightfield IDS-sabot slug.  A 135yd do it all, with one slug:    The newest addition was the 2 3/4″ Commander IDS PLUS-sabot round, a 73 caliber bore size, deeped pentation with control expansion round, on mediun size game. The 456 grain, lighter & faster: Bucks, Boars & Bears  (1600fps) round has taken is place in the sabot world, as the premier, deep peneration, controled expainson,  135 yard  all around slug..    

The wild boar hunters specifically ask Lightfield to develop a sabot round that would not blow up on the surface of Hogs, that are covered with dried caked on mud.  The normal sabots were blowing up on the surface of the mud and offered very little pentation and weight retention.  The 360 degree IDS-sabot, used on this 73 caliber (600gr) sabot was reduced in weight to (456gr). The lighter  Commander IDS sabot retains the controls expansion design and assures ample weight retention for deep pentation. It was designed to bore through the mud covered  hide, with a full bore size 73 cal IDS-sabot slug.          It quickly gained a reputation for working on all medium big game, up to and including Black Bears. Thus the name “Bucks, Boars & Bears”.   Not recommended for Black Bears above 600 pounds.

LEGAL NOTICES: ATTENTION- 2024 Update:   You could become a Felon without even knowing it; effecting your right to even own a gun!”   

Residents of CA, CT, DE, DC, IL, KS, MA, NY, WA, parts od OH, MD. This ALSO includes any other state not listed here.  Especially in major population areas, even in states, that never had any type of law or a city (local legal/regulatory requirement) in effect.   You must keep informed!    Due to the political atmosphere in populated areas of our country; Anti-gun and/or Ammunition laws can be added or changed, at any time, without any official (Legal or Not) public notification “If you have NOT ordered ammo over the internet BEFORE or NOT RECENTLY”.  You must check your state and local city regulation laws; covering ammo purchases, before ordering ammunition products over the internet.  By placing an order on this web site or directly by phone; you Certify, that you are of legal age (18 years or older) and satisfy all federal, state and local legal/regulatory requirements. Prior to purchase of ammunition, from TarHunt Custom Rifles Inc and then have that ammo shipped to your legal residents.

Especially residents of CA, NY, CT, RI, MA, DE, DC, IL, KS, WA, OH, MD and any state you are NOT SURE ABOUT. This list was current. As fast as the ammo laws are changing; only use it as a guide as to WHERE the hot areas were, when this list was compiled. ONLY GOD KNOWS BY NOW!  If you do live in a known restricted area, your order may be cancelled.

California – No Sales to the cities of Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, or Avalon. All ammo must be shipped thru an FFL holder, with a waiting period and service charges apply.

Delaware- Has a few restricted counties. Check your local laws.

Connecticut & Rhode Island- Only with a copy of your concealed hand gun permit on file.

Hawaii – No Sales Period. Use an importer, buy another tytle.

Massachusetts – Only with a copy of your concealed hand gun permit on file.

Maryland – No Sales to the City of Annapolis and Montgomery County.

New Jersey – Must have a current Firearms ID card on file.

New York – No Sales to New York City, or its five Burroughs of NYC. All ammo shipped to NY state, must be shipped thru an FFL holder, with a waiting period and service charges apply.

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