DSG-12ga 870 Express – Basic Conversion (as shown–scopes & rings NOT included)


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Photo: DSG-12-870 EXPRESS Basic Conversion, fully rifled barrel. Shown with Optional Rem ShurShot Camo Stocks.

The “DSG”-12ga (Designated Slug Gun) designation refers to the fact that TarHunt fits a “non-removable” (except by a gunsmith) custom fit TarHunt/E.R. Shaw rifled slug barrel to a Remington 870 receiver. This rifled barrel is not field strip-able and has a, threaded in, one-to-one fit with the receiver for the best possible accuracy. The rifled barrel has a matte black metal finish and measure 23 inches in length, 1-28 twist rate and includes the standard muzzle brake as standard.

WE CANNOT CONVERT ANY MODEL Auto-loader or Express LW 20ga Rem pump guns at this time.

After the barrel in threaded into the receiver, TarHunt will drill and tap the receiver for a set of custom made TarHunt two-piece windage bases (using # 8 screws) made expressly by TarHunt for this DSG-12ga conversion. These custom bases will be installed on your DSG when it is returned to you and will accept any of the standard turn-in rings that are available from a number of manufacturers.

Any privately owner firearm send to TarHunt for a conversion or repairs must be shipped with a copy of the OWNERS DRIVER LICENSE of your state OR firearm ownership card if one is required by the state you live in. When completed, the firearms must be returned directly to the address on the original accompany ID.  Any change of ownership of this weapon must be transferred thru a current FFL holder.        

 Specifications can change without prior notice.   Scope bases are included, scope and scope rings are not.

This conversion as shown is not available as parts, for purchase online, as it must be installed on your 870.   Or purchased as a new 870 Rem Express all ready converted.

Please call 570-784-6368 to plan your DSG Remington 870 TarHunt Custom conversion.
Ownership of a new weapon must be transferred thru a current FFL holder.

TarHunt/Remington;  NEW Generation 870 Wingmaster 3″ Magnum  converted. n/a @ this time.   OLDER model Wingmaster can be converted.

TarHunt/Remington 870 Express Basic “Customer Conversions” to a DSG-12ga:

Order Description **** Convert Your 870 Remington**** Your Price
Remington 870 DSG-12 Conversion (Right handed) $550.00
Remington 870 DSG-12 Conversion (Left handed) $570.00
Shipping (includes UPS costs, gun case, insurance) add $90.00

USED or DEMO Guns are available from time to time. Email for particulars.    Inf0–  info@tarhunt.com

DSG-12 870 Model Options:

Option Description Your Price
 New 870 Remington Express Mag fully converted to a DSG-12ga   1-28tr  $1499.00
New 870 Remington Wingmaster Mag fully converted to a DSG-12ga  1-28tr  (High Gloss add)   POR
 New 870 Remington Express Super Mag  3 1/2″  converted to a DSG-12ga   1-28tr  POR
Check, clean and inspect the 870 triggers  add $25.00 
Standard Black Synthetic Stock (factory replacement for wood stocks)
(works well with small (low power) so called  shot gun scopes)
add $ 88.00
Youth Stock (1 inch shorter)
Synthetic Monte Carlo Stock with raised comb and ShurShot thumb hole
(works best with 40mm and up for (high power) rifle scopes)
Gloss Blue Entire Gun (your used gun)  except trigger group

Matte Finish Entire Gun (your used gun)  except trigger group

*** $ 185.00

*** $ 155.00

Super Cell recoil Pad (available for most Syn. Rem stocks) add $ 48.00
Sling Stud Kit (installed) add $ 50.00
Scope Rings (Leupold, standard two piece turn in style ring set) (30mm rings add 20%)
add $ 35.00
Telescopes (various manufacturers) POR
SHURSHOT (black or camouflage) Stocks – includes a Supercell recoil pad. (when available)
BEST STOCK choice for use on a slug gun. (when available).
Shipping (includes UPS costs, gun case, insurance)
add $ 90.00

Call for delivery times. Barrel twist rates, chamber lengths & overall lengths of the barrel are subject to change without notice.

SPECIAL ATTENTION: Residents of NJ are required to provide a Firearm ID Card prior to shipment of any firearms. Residents of IL    must provide your FOID card.

For more information, please visit our Purchasing, Cancellations, and Returns policy page.

NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without notice.     As much as 100%  (NON-REFUNDABLE)  charge will be assessed against your original deposit for any cancellations on the owners behalf; to offset return shipping costs..