20ga. 2.1″ Schrifle 365gr Copper slug. “The first, rifle like ammo for use in a 20ga rifled bore”. rifled barrel with either a Schrifle 2.1″ or 2 3/4″ chamber length”.


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NOTE:   NO ORDERS will be FILLED if the following information is not included on the order form; [ make of gun, auto loader, pump, single shot or bolt action and the length of the chamber].

Due to the high response from hunters wanting to try the 20ga 2.1″ Schrifle™ 365gr Copper slug or the 20ga NeoTec FLC 355gr series slugs.  The 2.1″ Schrifle 365gr Copper, the NeoTec FLC 355gr Copper 2 3/4″  as well as the 270gr Alv-lead  2 3/4″ are all back ordered.  Although safe to fire, all three of these rounds were NOT designed  for use in a 3 inch chambers.  NOTE: FLC means [ Factory Length Chamber ] only.

All of the NeoTec™ FLC 355gr Copper  bore size slugs were designed to be used in the exact “Length of the Chamber” it is being fired in!

Orders will be handled in order by the date the order was received. Canceled and reorder’s will move to the end of the current list.

This 10 round box is loaded with the 20ga Schrifle 2.1 slug; a 365gr (green slug), in a 2.1″ OAL case. It will povide the best accuracy when fired in the 2.1″ and some 2 3/4″ length chambers. Not designed  for use in 3 inch chambers.   The price, for 10 rounds, is $60.00 due in part, to the higher cost of a monolithic Copper machined projectile,  from a .625ths Solid Diameter Copper Rod..

All new 20ga Schrifle series NeoTec FLC Copper 355gr @1700fps. This our flattest shooting, excellent expansion Copper slug as well as great weight retention. To find out more about the all new NeoTec FLC Copper slug, from TarHunt. Go to the home page, bottom left corner of the page and  click on the BLUE (learn more) tab, with the picture of the Savage slug gun..

NOTE: The 20ga 2.1″ Schrifle, the 20ga 2 3/4″ NeoTec FLC  Copper  and the 20ga 2 3/4″ NeoTec FLC Raptor, an Alv-lead alloy slug;  will stabilize in all known 20 gauge twist rates as long as the barrel bore diameter is with in  SAAMI specification. 

The “20ga Schrifle” patent “Hollow Bullet with Truss” non-sabot round, typically produces 12% less serious flyers than any other current sabot-discarding production round.

The 20ga “Schrifle”  may not work well when used in the H&R 960 slug gun because of it’s known .008th “oversize bore”.  

20 gauge NeoTec FLC rounds:

20ga 2.1″ Schrifle™ 365gr Copper Round.  [ Requires a 2.1″ chamber for best accuracy. ]

NOTE:  [The Schrifle 365gr Copper projectile will not be offered in NeoTec FLC series.]

NeoTec FLC  355gr Copper 2 3/4″.

NeoTec FLC  355gr Copper 3 inch.

NeoTec FLC 270gr, an Aluminum-lead alloy in 2 3/4″  [ Limited quantities – availability will vary].



NeoTec FLC 12ga 2 3/4″

NeoTec FLC 12ga 3 inch

16 gauge NeoTec FLC round:   NO AVAILABLE THIS SEASON

NeoTec FLC 16ga 2 3/4″ 410gr Copper.


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