DSG Conversion for 870 Wingmaster

Randy,I am thinking about sending you my 870 wingmaster for your DSG conversion. Problem is is that it is a 2 3/4. I would like to make it 3″ if possible. Can you do this along with the rest of the conversion? Thanks

Although it is possable to change a 2 3/4″ 870 Wingmaster to handle the 3″ rounds, it is not cost effecent. It requires replacing the ejector and this part is securely ribbed to the inter wall of the action. The heads of the ribbits must be ground off on the outside of the action, a new 3″ ejector ribbed in place, the action smooth off and repolished and then the entire gun must be reblued. The cost is within a few dollors of buying a new 3″ Express magnum. The chambered length must always match the model of the receiver. 2 3/4″ for the Wingmaster 3″ for the Wimgmaster Mag. 3″ for all Express mag.