Selecting Proper Sight In

Can you use the same “sight in” at 50 yards with a 20 gauge slug gun that is used for the 12 gauge slug gun,or should you use a different “sight in”?

The proper sightin for the Lightfield Hybred-Exp 2 3/4″ sabot is 2 1/2″ to 2 3/4″ inches high at 50 yards for a 100 yard zero. This is not a absolute figure but it will work with 90% of all slug guns. The higth that the scope is mounted above the bore is the variable.

Lightfield released a 1700ft/sec 20 gauge 3″ magnum in 2010. This 3″ “Hybred Mag 20″, which when used in conjuction with the Hybred-Exp
2 3/4” , will complete the “SameSite Accurcy” system for the 20 gauge Hybred series.