Improve Group of 100 Gr. Blackhorn 209 Powder and Shockwaves

Randy, I love the Lightfield slugs and I’ve used them for years. My question is regarding the alpha gold bullets in my TC Endeavor. I am using the 100 Gr. Blackhorn 209 powder and shockwaves and the group is not great, I am looking to improve on it. What is realistic to expect @100 Yards Thanks

Jim, Have you read the instructions included with the Alpha Gold ML bullets or on the web site? It took almost 2 years to develope the system/data for the Alpha Gold to make sure it is the most accurate it can be in your gun. In all my accuracy tests 100 grains was not enought powder and I could not find a good pellet load because of the hole thru the pellets. Pressure from the primer exploding tends to push the bullet off the powder charge before the powder can get fully enigated making the gun shoot vertical groups. When it is tuned the right way, to a gun with a quality barrel, MOA groups are common.