Best Slug for 12 GA Mossberg 835 slug gun

Randy, I have a 12 ga Mossberg 835 with a fully rifled cantilever barrel that I can’t get sighted in as well as I would like. I know this won’t be the most accurate set up, but I should be doing better than 4-5″ at 50 yrds. So far I’ve tried 3″ Commanders. Which slug do you think may suite me best? I’m not sure of the twist rate of the rifling. I saw the part of the FAQ about using 3 1/2″ shells in a 3 1/2″ chamber. Do you feel that is most of my problem? With shots typically less than 75 yrds I’d rather not have to deal with the added recoil but will if the accuracy improves. Thanks for your help. Joe

With the Mossberg 835 having a 3 1/2″ chamber length, the best choice for accuracy would be either a 3″ or a 3 1/2″ length hull. Only the shorter 2 3/4″ round, when used in a 3 1/2″ chamber, could give you accuracy problems. I would recommend the Lightfield Hybred-Elite (orange box) for deer size and smaller size game. The Commanred IDS PLUS “Heavy Game” sabot is a (600 grain 1 3/8oz. deep penatration) sabot slug intended for use on game weighing 300 pound and up. The Hybred-Elite should produce groups under 2″ at 50 yards if all is well with the gun and the shooter.  

Randy, I thank you for the information you sent me back on 10/04/09, but I had ask the wrong question and I apologize for that. My problem/question: I have a Mossberg 835 with a 24 in rifled bore. A new ( and my problem) Bushnell Red Dot (Trophy) scope. I love the scope but the centerline of the scope and the centerline of the bore is 3 ½ inches. With the scope that high over the bore I think this is my problem. To get on paper I started at 25 yds. I had a dead center hit. Moved to 50 yds and was 6 ½ inches high. I understand that at 25 yds the barrel has to tilted up to make up for the height of the scope, my question is if I leave the gun zeroed at 50 yds, what will be in impact at other ranges. Am I 6 ½ low at 25 yds? What about out at 75 or 100? Thank you so much and keep making Lighfields Alan

That height above the bore is over 2X the normal mounting distance.
I have no experence with that type of mounting height but I think your assumption is correct about the height being the issue.

If that high of a scope mount is necessary for some reason you will need to have a set of scope bases machined to bring the scope alignment closer to the bore when the cross hairs are set in the middle of their adjusting range.