DTG-12 Express Super Mag “BOSS-C” Turkey Straight Rifled Barrel, STABILIZE YOUR SHOT COLUMN, Rem Choke System (as shown)

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The “Super Mag BOSS-C” designation refers to the fact that TarHunt fits a “non-removable” (except by a gunsmith) custom fit E.R. Shaw straight rifled slug barrel to a Remington 870 receiver. This straight rifled barrel is not field strippable and has a, threaded in, one-to-one fit with the receiver for the best possible accuracy. The straight rifled barrel has a matte black metal finish and measure 23 inches in length including a standard screw in REM-CHOKE system.

Scope Base Included, scope and scope rings are not.

To convert the Remington 870 Express 12 gauge Super Mag shot gun to a DTG-12 Express Super Mag with a Straight Rifled barrel using the Rem Choke System for long range Turkey hunting. TarHunt will first measure the barrel hole in the front end of the receiver. Custom fit a block of steel into that receiver. We then fit, thread and screw in a new ER Shaw straight rifled barrel into that steel block. We then drill and tap the top of the receiver and install a custom made set of scope bases that are designed for the top of an 870 receiver. Placing the scope, solidly mounted in this position, assures the best possible accuracy.

The Express Super Mag, BOSS-C will have a 3 1/2 inch chamber. A Mossy Oak Obsession, ShurShot ambidextrous thumb hole pistol grip stock, with molded
over grip panels.

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Any privately owner firearm send to TarHunt for a conversion or repairs must be shipped with a copy of the OWNERS DRIVER LICENSE of your state OR firearm ownership card if one is required by the state you live in. When completed, the firearms must be returned directly to the address on the original accompany ID.  Any change of ownership of this weapon must be transferred thru a current FFL holder.          Specifications can change without prior notice.

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