“ENVY” model Stainless Steel RSG-20ga. or RSG-12ga.


The TarHunt RSG series of slug guns are based on TarHunt’s own two-lug, custom controlled feed, bolt action design especially for slug guns. The action is drilled and tapped for standard Leupold or Weaver bases. The standard design boasts a glass bedded action with a free-floating, threaded-in heavy wall, fully rifled E.R. Shaw Stainless Steel barrel with a matte metal finish and internal muzzle brake.

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A  $2000.00 minimum (NON REFUNDABLE) deposit is required on all RSG-20 & RSG-12 ENVY Bolt Action Orders.

The “ENVY”  is the newest model of our Stainless Steel RSG-20 or RSG-12 bolt action slug guns.  You choose the grading and price range of the “Fancy/High Figure” checkered wooden stock fitted with a Decelerator recoil pad. The Envy uses the TarHunt  “AWARD WINNING”, controlled feed, two lug action.  A custom Jewell trigger set at 2 1/2 lb trigger pull, a 1-24 twist rate barrel, 23 inches long, equipped with a muzzle brake is standard. Natural Stainless Steel matte finish or a matte black coating over the Stainless Steel finish.

“The RSG Action design was picked, in 2009 by Field & Stream, as one of the 50 best guns ever designed”

OPTIONS: The fluted bolt option is available on both the RSG-12ga and RSG-20ga. The fluted barrel and a “ENVY Schrifle” chamber are exclusive to the RSG-20 and is a POR.      Left Hand model add $110.00.

To order the ENVY 20ga. or 12ga.   Please call 570-784-6368.
Ownership of this weapon must be transferred thru a current FFL holder.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

 $6295.00** is the base price for the barreled action as shown. Add $POR.00 for a High grade and/or High Figure wooden stocks. Type of wood, grade, amount of figure and color will all add to the basic price or $6295.00.**

The final price and time frame will increase as the type of wood and amount of figure increases on special order stocks. In other words, you will control any additional cost and build time.

Build time could be as long as 16 to 24 months depending on stock availability. Call for a estimated delivery time.

**NOTE: $6295.00 is the base price. Then add on your custom stock costs.

SPECIAL ATTENTION: Residents of NJ are required to provide a Firearm ID Card prior to shipment of any firearms.  Residents of IL must provide FOID card prior to shipment.

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