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SPECIAL ATTENTION: Residents of CA please make sure your county allows for the shipment of ammunition prior to checkout.

Adult Signature Required fee is mandatory on all firearms shipments.

A firearm must be shipped to a current FFL dealer, in your state, to complete your transfer of ownership.

PLEASE NOTE: Any order over $300.00 will be automatically shipped as a signature required for an additional $7.50 charge per order.

Any order under $300.00 will be automatically shipped as a optional signature required you can opt-out of for an additional $5.90 charge per order.

For more information, please visit our Purchasing, Cancellations, and Returns policy page.

Order Policy for TarHunt Scrifle, Raptor ALV and All Other Ammunition:

Ammunition sold by TarHunt DOES NOT HAVE AN AUTOMATIC REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE for poor accuracy claims, wrong round shipped, or shortages in an order. All orders prior to shipping are double checked for accuracy, weighed, measured, sealed and labeled. Upon receipt, UPS scans and weighs the package to determine the shipping cost. THE 3-D SCANNING IS IMPORTANT AS THE SIZE OF THE BOX EFFECTS THE ACTUAL BILLING.


The size of the box needed may override the shipping cost of just the simple weight calculation of the ammunition and packaging. THE SIZE MAY BE ADDED TO THE WEIGHT TO PRODUCE A FINAL SHIPPING COST. Due to the space being using in the shipping vehicle during a full interstate shipment. Space used up is money lost BY UPS IF IT IS NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.

Any issues with order accuracy will be reviewed on an individual basis and WILL NOT BE REPLACED without a review of all circumstances of order inaccuracy or shipping errors and/or damage.

This policy is at the discretion of TarHunt and may change without written notification.