After switching to the 3 inch sabot round, the impact shifted abort 3” to the left and about 4 inches high at 50 yds. My question is, is this something to be expected with having one slug having much higher velocities? Thanks and love your guys products, have taken numerous deer with the 2 3/4 well out to 130yds. 

What you are seeing is a normal with a higher velocity, heavier weight, higher torqueing slug. The higher impact comes from the more violent recoil because caused by the same weight slug at a 280ft/sec faster than a 2 3/4″ round. (Simply put the muzzle jumps higher in the air from the increased recoil.)
The slug impacting to the left of the group is caused by the increased torque generated by the higher velocity slug being forced to spin clockwise from an at rest (ZERO) rpm’s to 50,000 rpm’s after traveling down the rifled barrel a distance of only ½ inch of the rifling.
For every action there is a reaction. All of this means the muzzle of the gun jumps higher from added recoil and the muzzle twisted toward  the left. The opposite direction of a right hand twist barrel.
All at once you have a shot 2 3/4″ out of the group impacting about at the 10:00 o’clock position from the rest of the group.
Any time you even let up on your grip with your left hand, even slightly, you will get the same reaction. That’s why your left hand controls better than 60% of your group size with a slug gun. That’s why it is sure disaster to zero a slug gun off of a rest not holding the forearm and then hold on to it in the field while hunting. The two points of impact will be dramatic!

The only way to counter act this problem to hold on to the gun much harder, but more consistence, when shooting hard recoiling rounds.

If you are making use  of Lightfields “SameSite Accuracy System”, you must grip both ends of the gun the same all the time, as if they were all magnums rounds!