Twist Rate of 1 in 26″

Randy, I shoot a Rem. 870 12ga. with a 24″ fully rifled barrel it has a 1 in 36″ twist. I plan on using Hybred EXP 2 3/4″ slugs. Is the twist of 1 in 26″ too fast for Hybred EXP’s?

The Lightfield Hybred series of sabot work well in every twist rates I have ever tried them in. I have shot them in a wide range of twist rates.  Including a gain twist that barrel that starts out at 1-100 twist rate and speeds up a 1-26 twist at the muzzle, 25 inches later..

I tried the Hybred sabot in twists as slow as 1-40 twist and as fast as 1-22 twist rate. That’s what is so unique about the Lightfield Hybred series of sabot when it comes to twist rates.

They still are the only sabot slug currently being made, bar NONE,  that can produce the “SameSite Accuracy” using three different velocity slugs, shooting accuratlly into one group with out changing your sight setting!
“The Standard by which other Slugs are Judged”