Youth Day 2009

November 21, 2009

It was 4 hours in to the youth day hunt when a group of small deer ran over the hill, about 50 yards away from my stand. Since, it was a group of does and 1 small buck my uncle told me that a bigger buck will be following behind because once in awhile a couple of the deer would look back at the hill. After an hour a nice 6 point buck came but it stayed 100 yards back from the group. I was going to take him but was to far away . We waited 1 hour for the buck to come in range but my uncle started coughing and scared him away. We had 10 minutes left to our hunt, when a monster 6 point came out of no where. He was 40 yards and broad side. I slowly got my shot gun ready and shot him in the heart and lungs. He ran 75 yards before flipping over . The deer had a 22 inch antler spread and was about 250lbs live weight.

Thanks Lightfield! This is my third deer (using lightfield slugs), I am eleven years old and just started hunting last year.