William Lamy took this Whitetail Deer on in Galesville, Wisconsin. It scored 140 SCI.

November 01, 2003

As the website manager for both the Lightfield and Tar-Hunt websites I was fortunate enough to be included in a group of hunters that participated in a late October whitetail deer hunt at the fabulous Brush Ranch. Sponsored by Lightfield Ammunition Corporation, Tar-Hunt Custom Rifles, Inc. and Busnell Optics, this three day hunt was to become a benchmark by which I will measure all future forays into the woods.
The praise given the ranch as it was described to me during the planning stages of our hunt fell essentially on skeptical ears. Experience has repeatedly taught me that when something seems too good to be true, it is. That is, until now. Every aspect of the hunt was stellar. In fact, the superlatives do not exist that would allow me to adequately describe the quality of the whitetail deer herd that we hunted. The sheer number of 10+ point bucks we glassed over the course of our three day hunt that would have shattered the 150 SCI scoring mark was staggering. Every whitetail deer hunter should experience a Brush Ranch hunt at least once their life. You simply won’t regret it.

Throughout the course of my hunt I would be video taped by Bill Saiff III, host of the PBS and Outdoor Channel television show Cabin Country. Footage of me harvesting my deer would then be included in a future episode. I had hunted with Bill in the same capacity the year before and did not take a buck, so I was determined to redeem myself this time around.

We were greeted upon our arrival by Jim Brush, the ranch’s owner, and were treated to a personal tour of the property. As we disappeared into the ranch’s 2000 acre expanse it was apparent by the amount of mid-day deer activity we were witnessing that we would be hunting during the peak of the rut in this area of west-central Wisconsin. We spent the majority of the next three days on stand, returning to the lodge only periodically to enjoy the gourmet meals that awaited us or to briefly reenact our day’s adventures before hitting the hay.

Each dawn brought a new ceiling of low clouds and crisp, dry air and so ensured that the rut would continue red-hot for as long as our hunt was to last. Our guides were knowledgeable and skilled and worked hard to put us on deer. On the last morning of the hunt I was lucky enough to take a big nine point buck on camera. It scored 140 SCI points and was no match for the Tar-Hunt/Lightfield gun/ammo combination that I was using.

Everyone in our party tagged out with exceptional deer. The evening before we were to depart we stood outside the lodge and looked out over the rolling stands of oaks that make up the ranch. One member of our party interjected, “This is the finest whitetail hunting I have ever experienced!” Hearing this from someone who has done this sort of thing for a living for a good number of years was just what I needed to help me put this incredible experience into perspective. I hope to have the great fortune someday to hunt the Brush Ranch once more.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 15 yards
Measured Score: 140 SCI
Size Of Animal: 9 point typical
Hunting Method: Elevated box blind
Special Equipment: Rattling Antlers, Haydel grunt call
Weapon Used: Tar-Hunt Professional RSG-12 Slug Gun
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Commander IDS 3″ Saboted Slugs
Length Of Hunt: 3 days
Guide Outfitter: The Brush Ranch
Camo Preference: Predator Camouflage