Steve Keene’s Whitetail Deer Hunt in Hughesville, MD

December 02, 2005

It was the opening day of Maryland’s gun season, and I had chosen a parcel of land that would be seeing a lot of hunting pressure. So I decided to find a spot where few other hunters would be likely to go. I set up on the side of a ridge, overlooking a swampy creek bottom that was surrounded by laurel thickets. 

At 4:20 in the afternoon I spotted a buck stepping out of the thicket, hot on the trail of a doe. She jumped the creek, but before he had a chance to follow her I bleated once. He stopped for a couple of seconds to pinpoint the source of the bleating.

That is when I squeezed off the shot. My Lightfield slug did a great job at some 90 yards!

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 90 Yards
Size Of Animal: 180 Pounds Dressed, 20 Inch Spread, 9 Point
Hunting Method: Ground Blind
Weapon Used: H&R Ultra Slug 12 Gauge
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Hybred-EXP
Guide Outfitter: Private
Camo Preference: Realtree Advantage Hardwoods