Rod Hartzell’s White Tail Deer Hunt in Ohio

December 04, 2004

I would never have had the chance to take this Ohio buck if it were not for the accuracy of Lightfield slugs. Not a trophy, but a nice deer. It was 9 degrees below zero and after sitting in my treestand for 3 hours, I was frozen and got down to walk. This buck came busting through the woods and stopped only after I let out a loud grunt. I knew he had stopped, but I couldn’t find him in a clump of trees. The deer vanished before my eyes.
Finally, after several minutes, I found the deer’s shoulder through the scope but only had a small opening between the trees and branches to weave the slug through. No problem for the Lightfields and the Remington 870. This deer went down and stayed down after a 74 yard shot. Without my confindence and knowing the accuracy of Lightfield slugs, I would have never attempted this shot with anything else. I now have all my friends and family sold on Lightfields. The proof is in the freezer!

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 74 Yards Through Trees
Size Of Animal: 265 Pound, 8-Point
Hunting Method: Still Hunting
Weapon Used: Remington 870 Cantilever 12 ga – 3×9 Redfield Wide Angle Scope
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Hybred EXP 2-3/4 inch
Length Of Hunt: 4th Day of Ohio Gun Season
Guide Outfitter: Own Farm
Camo Preference: Cabelas MT 050