Ray Smith’s Whitetail Deer Hunt in Ontario, Canada

November 15, 2005

I was invited along with members of our group for a slug gun hunt in an overpopulated harvest area. We had to load up with slug guns and had a crash course in all the ins and outs of this type of hunting. By chance we acquired Lightfield ammunition after viewing this website. You can see how Lightfield ammo performed on this heavy Northern Ontario Buck.
We are now in the process of all loading up with new slug guns only to shoot Lightfield ammunition due to its performance. ONE SHOT and the buck was down. One member of the group saw the shot and the buck go down then he said over the radio, “I can’t believe how fast he went down!” We were hunting a travel corridor between feeding and bedding areas. Happy Hunting!

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 75 yards with 30km/hr headwind
Size Of Animal: 200lbs+, 6 points
Hunting Method: Treestands and Stalk
Special Equipment: Code Blue Standing Estrous
Weapon Used: 870 Express Super Mag w/Bushnell Elite 3200 Scope
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Hybred 2-3/4 inch Slug (Needed only 1)
Length Of Hunt: 7 Total Days at this Location
Guide Outfitter: Myself and Camp Deer Down
Camo Preference: Orange was required