Norman Wood’s Whitetail Deer Hunt in Sandstown, DE

November 17, 2004

It was approximately 8am when I heard something moving through the woods in front of me. I was surprised to see a doe ease off of the deer trail over which my tree stand looked, stopping to size up my John Deere Trail Buck 4-wheeler parked approximately ten yards in front of her.
As she stomped the ground and snorted at the 4-wheeler I saw a set of fantastic horns moving through the woods, closing in behind her. I raised my shotgun from my lap and waited for the buck to walk out of the brush. As he slowed to watch the antics of the doe, I swung the crosshairs through the buck, toward an opening in the trail.

I wasn’t long before my scope filled with brown and my crosshairs centered on shoulder…BAM! I let him have it. His body buckled as the lightfield slug pierced both of his lungs and exited his left side. The buck crashed about 20 yards from the location where he was shot. It sounded like a car wreck and I couldn’t get down the tree fast enough to see it up close.

Eight hours later I killed a 9-point scrub buck from the same tree!

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 80 Yards in a Wooded Area
Size Of Animal: 9 Point Typical; 200 Pounds Dressed
Hunting Method: Treestand
Weapon Used: Remington 1187 12 Gauge
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Slugs
Length Of Hunt: November Shotgun Season
Guide Outfitter: Private Land
Camo Preference: Mossy Oak Break-up