Michael Malkow took this Whitetail Deer on Dec 2, 2006 in Clayton County, Iowa

December 02, 2006

It was a really cold, crisp morning when I saw the buck bed down on a nob amongst a group of five does. Shortly thereafter I spotted a hunter walking through the woods in the vacinity of the bedded deer. Relunctantly the buck decided he had better take the opportunity to slip out of the hunter’s way. 

Luckily for me that his escape route would put him on an angle towards me. I brought my gun up and followed him through my scope until he stopped some 150 yards away to take a bearing on the hunter. Confident I could shoot up to 200 yards, I worked my gun well into my rest and aimed about an inch above the vitals…and down went another one for the wall.

Lightfield slugs are dynamite flat shooting slugs. I am very very happy with my DSG-12 gauge. Randy gets good credit for making my hunting trip a success! It is great to know you have equipment you can rely on.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 150 Yards
Size Of Animal: 11 Point
Hunting Method: Treestand
Weapon Used: Tar-Hunt DSG-12 Gauge
Ammunition Used: Lightfield 2-3/4
Length Of Hunt: 2 Day Non-Resident Hunt
Guide Outfitter: Private Land
Camo Preference: Blaze Orange Required