Kevin Johnson Whitetail Deer Hunt in Montcalm County, MI

November 15, 2004

I was invited to hunt on a 20 acre section of friend’s swamp, just on the edge of which was located a treestand. I got into the stand about 3-1/2 hours before dark. After about ten minutes I ate a Honey Crisp apple I had brought with me. When I had finished the apple I broke the core into three pieces, throwing one to my left, one to the center, and one to the right, each about 15 yards from my stand.
After only five minutes, two bucks approached my area and then sniffed all three of the cores I had thrown out. The small seven point was the biggest I’d ever had a shot at, so I took him! He ran about 30 yards into some tall grass when I could hear him thrashing around, so I knew he was dead.

I decided to sit and wait until dark to retrieve him as to not spook any more deer from the swamp. In the course of that evening I saw five more bucks pass through, and again, sniff all three of the apple cores I had thrown out! I thought I was on a game preserve!

With about ten minutes remaining of light, I saw a monster coming my way. I thought to myself, “If I take this one, my season will be over!” But the closer he got, the bigger he was! He, like the others, stopped to sniff the apple cores, and that was all it took. Whammo! He is the biggest I’d ever seen while hunting, so I’m having him mounted. He’s a seven point with an 18 inch inside spread! I can’t wait to get him back, as he is a trophy that will be proudly displayed in my father’s new log home.

Thanks Lightfield for developing the most accurate slug my gun has ever shot! I’ve never missed an animal with your slugs, and of course, Leupold optics.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: Both at 15 Yards
Size Of Animal: Two 7 Pointers
Hunting Method: Treestand
Special Equipment: Fresh Honey Crisp Apple
Weapon Used: Mossberg 835
Ammunition Used: Lightfield 2-3/4″ 12 Gauge Slugs
Length Of Hunt: 3-1/2 hours
Guide Outfitter: Private Land