John Ford’s Whitetail Deer Hunt in Smyma, DE

January 20, 2006

I was supposed to go hunting with my uncle this day but I ended up going to my buddy’s farm instead. My buddy wasn’t hunting his stand and neither was my uncle, so I set my climber up between their two stands so I could see the two fields. 

I was planning on not seeing anything because I hadn’t had any luck at all this year, but if something 75 pounds or better came out it was goin down…because I needed some meat in the freezer and I couldn’t lose the bet between me and my buddies.

Then right at dark two does came out so I got on them. They were about 75 yards out when I finally thought I’d try them. The one I killed stepped into my opening so I grunted to stop her and then pulled the trigger. As soon as I pulled the trigger she jumped straight up in the air and started running…but I knew she had been hit well. She ran about 25 yards and then folded right up.

I hit her right in the heart with devastating results. I was amazed by how well Lightfield slugs work.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 90 Yards
Size Of Animal: 80 Pound Doe
Hunting Method: Climber Treestand
Weapon Used: 870 Remington 20 Gauge
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Slug
Length Of Hunt: 1 Day
Guide Outfitter: Public Land
Camo Preference: Blaze Orange