Jim Porcelli’s Whitetail Deer Hunt in Monmouth County, NJ

December 09, 2004

The date was December 9th, 2004. It was time for the six day firearm deer season in New Jersey. The temperature was in the high 50’s. The weather was a light drizzling rain.
I snuck into the realtive scerentity of my ground blind at daybreak, with high hopes of getting a shot at a decent buck. Unfortunately, all I saw that morning were does and small bucks. With no poker table to walk around yet still needing to change my luck, at 10:30 I decided to leave and grab some lunch.

I got back to my stand around 1pm, still hoping for a shot at the ‘big one’. The next hour passed uneventfully…and then it happened. Not only did I get the shot I had been hoping for, I also got a ‘SHOCK’. In my scope was the buck of a lifetime. It seemed like I held on him forever, but I had to wait for my the buck to turn broadside. When he finally did, I made my shot count…and down went my buck.

Instead of walking over to see my trophy, I ran like hell.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 50 Yards
Measured Score: 175-7/8 B&C
Size Of Animal: 11 Point Typical – 190 Pounds
Hunting Method: Ground Blind
Weapon Used: Browning Model A Bolt Slug Gun
Ammunition Used: Lightfield Hybred EXP Slugs
Length Of Hunt: 1 Day
Guide Outfitter: Private Land / Self-Guided
Camo Preference: Blaze Orange