Frank Maggio, Jr.’s Deer Hunt

November 15, 2004

Stalking my way through some prime Long Island habitat, I first spotted the buck at a range of around 75 yards. When our eyes met he kicked up and ran away as if to goad me into a game of cat and mouse. No problem…I was up for the challenge.
I searched the farm for some time until I once again spied a familiar patch of brown some 135 yards away. Separated this time by a long row of privet, our eyes once again met. I raised my gun before he could bolt and with the crosshairs steady on his neck I squeezed off a shot. My trophy dropped exactly where he stood. Thanks to Lightfield slugs I was able to take a shot like that with confidence.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 135 Yards
Measured Score: 139 Gross
Size Of Animal: 290 Pounds
Hunting Method: Spot and Stalk
Weapon Used: Mossberg 695
Ammunition Used: Lightfield 12 Gauge Slug
Length Of Hunt: One Day
Guide Outfitter: Warren’s Nursery/Tree Farm
Camo Preference: Seclusion 3D Camo