First Day Buck in 40mph Wind and Heavy Rains

November 13, 2009

I was up at 3am first morning of Delaware’s Nov shotgun season with the sound of high winds and heavey rain almost made me head back to bed . I decided to head out anyways the rut was going strong so you never know but with gusts topping 40mph i wasnt hunting from a tree stand . so i waited till first light and started still hunting a pine thicket and seen a small 4 pt. right away thee was so much rain the place was flooded and i was walking in 8″ of water most of the time well i seen a few doe’s and after about a hour and a half i had a large doe run run at me and vear off just a few feet away and i noticed behind her a rack coming though the thicket and got ready when the buck got to where i could see his shoulder he was 18 feet away and droped in his tracks . Hes not a monster by any means but i has happy with him on such a bad day and hunting heavely hunted state lands.