Double the Fun

January 16, 2010

On January 16, 2010, my wife’s uncle and I were hunting a private farm during the NJ shotgun permit season. I was on stand in a grove of tall pines and he was in a stand below me. Within a few minutes of getting into our stands, a herd of deer came up towards our location. I let a group of does pass my stand and then I spotted two nice eight pointers. One came up to me and the other went to my wife’s uncle. I raised my Tar-Hunt to my shoulder and fired. He dropped like a rock! The 3″ Lightfield slug did its job. He field dressed out at 180 pounds and had an inside spread of 19 inches. My wife’s uncle shot a few seconds later using Lightfield Commander 3″ slugs and dropped the other eight pointer. He dressed out at 190 pounds and had a 21 inch inside spread. It’s the best day that we had hunting ever! Thanks Tar-Hunt and Lightfield for your great products. John Foster.

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 15 yards and 40 yards.
Measured Score: Not scored.
Size Of Animal: 180 pounds field dressed and 190 pounds field dressed.
Hunting Method: Elevated stands.
Weapon Used: Tar-hunt Slug gun and Browning A-5.
Ammunition Used: Lightfield 3″ IDS Commanders
Length Of Hunt: One day.
Guide Outfitter: Private property.
Camo Preference: Real Tree.