Chris Waymire’s Deer Hunt

November 23, 2000

Well I had hunted this same area all season, and this was to be my last day to hunt before I was due to go back to work. So being a handicapped hunter I was hunting that morning with my brother Darren and my Dad Lee. It was a cold November morning so the ground was nice and frosty and crunchy. My Dad left and went to his stand and my brother went with me to my stand to get me set-up, then he walked to his stand.
I had been in my stand for about 30 to 45 minutes when I could hear something walking in this big thicket that was located in front of me about 70 yards away. By then there was enough daylight so that I could see it was a deer walking in the thick brush. I couldn’t see if it was a buck or doe because it was walking away from me. I just sat there the rest of the morning and didn’t see anything else. I looked at my watch and figured it wasn’t going to happen this year and figured my brother would be walking back soon to pick me up and go home. All of a sudden I heard my brother yell to me “Get ready here he comes!”

My brother had decided since it was the last day that he would walk that thicket out on his way to me, and sure enough there were deer in there. A doe went running up the other side of the revine, but too far for me to get a shot. Just then this big 8 pointer came running out of the brush probably 60 yards away. It just happend that this big buck didn’t even see me sitting there when he stopped to look back over his shoulder to see if my brother was still there, presenting me with the perfect broadside shot. So I took it and this big boy ran off — I was sure I hit him, but he ran.

So of course with me being handicapped I had to have my brother and Dad look for him for me. I had to go to work that morning so after a few minutes of them looking they told me to go home and get ready for work and when they found it they would call me. I was so nervous because I knew it was a big buck, but I didn’t know how big till I got the call and my brother said they found him and that they were on their way. I am telling you my heart must have skipped several beats when I saw them pull up and all I could see was its rack hanging over the side of the truck bed.

So, all in all I owe my brother a big thank you, because I probably never would have seen this big buck had he not walked that thicket, and my Dad for being my legs and not giving up the search for this monster. Thanks guys!!!

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 60 Yards
Measured Score: 140 1/8 B&C
Size Of Animal: 217 Pounds Live Weight, 8 Point, Typical
Hunting Method: Ground Blind
Weapon Used: Savage 12 Gauge Bolt Action Slug Gun
Ammunition Used: 2-3/4 inch Lightfield Hybred EXP
Length Of Hunt: 1 Day
Guide Outfitter: Private
Camo Preference: Mossy Oak Break-up, with a Blaze Orange Hat