Birthday Buck 2010

December 02, 2010

It was the 5th. day of PA. Gun Season, I had already passed up several bucks all from the same Stand overlooking a grown in field.. I arrived at the Stand 1/2 hour before light, it was colder than normal with a slight breeze. I remember thinking to myself that I hoped I was dressed warm enough as twilight neared. I had lit and placed a Scented Doe in Heat candle out at 20 yards before entering my Stand, right at first light I noticed a Buck about 200 yards away in the field , on a steady pace he came straight into the candle licking his nose and raising his head to test the wind. He stood 20 yards from me as I slowly shouldered the gun, I fired, he ran, I fired again and he stopped about 80 yards out, he was hunched up and began to sway and collapsed as he tried to walk away. Both my Lightfield slugs from my 20 Gauge connected, one took out the top of the heart and the other destroyed the liver. I took this Deer 2 days before my Birthday, sure was a Great GIft!