324lb Ontario Buck

November 06, 2007

After being VERY dissapointed in the slugs I was using in the past, my local gunshop owner told me to try the Lightfield Hybrid EXPs. I was amazed at how accurate these slugs were and I was interested to see how well they would perform on game. To say I was impressed would be a gross understatement! One shot is all it takes. I’ve taken four deer now with these Lightfields and all were one shot kills and all dropped right on the spot. Incredible!

This big buck had just been shot at by a farmer on the next property but escaped unscathed. He ran across the corner of a bean field into the small bushlot I had my treestand in. I waited for him to get in the open and at 120 yards I shot him in the right shoulder,dropping him instantly.
The slugs I was using before the Lightfields were resonably accurate but wouldn’t anchor the deer, resulting in long tracking jobs and some lost animals, which to me is totally unacceptable.
Now everybody in our gang has tried and switched to the Hybrid slugs. So when I hear shooting I know there’s a deer down!

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 120 yards
Measured Score: 148 5/8
Size Of Animal: 324lbs
Hunting Method: tree stand
Special Equipment: neighbors that can’t shoot
Weapon Used: Rem 1100
Ammunition Used: Lightfield hybrid EXP
Length Of Hunt: 2 days
Guide Outfitter: self
Camo Preference: orange req’d