2006 Hunt

November 15, 2006

Here is a picture of the buck I harvested 3 seasons ago using a 20 ga. Lightfield slug. It was a 25 yd shoulder seperation shot that dropped him in his tracks. I have always used Lightfield’s in the Mossberg 20 ga. My daughter also does. We have harvested over 12 dear between us which includes 4 wall hangers. My husband is extremely picky with the hunting ammo we use and is quite satisfied with the 20 ga lightfied slugs for accuracy and performance. I have only lost one deer that I shot and that was when I was using a different slug. Jim found the deer 3 days later. He felt that a Lightfield would have killed it cleanly do to better penetration. My daughter has not lost a deer. 

Details of the Hunt
Weapon Used: Mossberg 20 gauge
Ammunition Used: Lightfield 20 gauge