10 Pointer

November 28, 2010

I was hunting this stand for half a day. I was busted by does in the morning so I thought nothing was around, then around 11 my friend russ had dropped his son off at school and was on his way back into the woods when another guy we were hunting with had spotted a 7 pointer between us. I thought I would grunt to maybe get his attention. After two grunts and 5 minutes later this ten ten pointer stepped out about 120 yards. My mossberg 535 and my lightfield 3 1/2 inch IDS Commander slugs put a lethal hole through his vitals, and less than 60 yards later he folded up. Awesome day. Thanks lightfield!!!! 

Details of the Hunt
Shot Distance: 120 yards
Measured Score: ?
Size Of Animal: 148 pounds
Hunting Method: stand
Special Equipment: red dot scope
Weapon Used: mossberg 535 with rifledbarrel
Ammunition Used: lightfield 3 1/2 inch IDS Commaner slugs
Length Of Hunt: 5 hours
Guide Outfitter: self
Camo Preference: realtree ap