TKO Factor

The TKO Factor provides an easy way to compare the real stopping power of different munitions. The TKO Factor is found by multiplying the projectiles weight (in grains) by its velocity and its diameter. Then dividing that results by7000,  The higher the number, the more stopping powder it has. A 460 Weatherby Mag has a TKO of 82.
With that kind of POWER it is easy to understand why it is one of the cartages that is used in Africa.

With a flight weight of 518 grains, the Lightfield Elite, a slug at .625 caliber and a muzzle velocity of 1730ft/sec., that gives the Hybred  Elite a (TKO factor of 80). That’s just 2 points lower than a 460 Weatherby Mag rifle at a TKO Factor of(82). The Elite can deliver an honest 1000ft/lbs. of energy on game at 200 yards. That’s why the Hybred Elite deliver such “Devastating Deer Performance” at normal slug gun ranges!