TarHunt Slugs

The NeoTec FLC line up:  

NeoTec™ FLC  round:        NeoTec™:  (new technology)      FLC:  “Full Length Case”

AVAILABLE NOW:        The 62cal 20ga:   2 3/4” & 3” “NeoTec™ FLC 355gr Copper slug is just shy of the so called normal       (385gr 7/8oz 20ga rifled slug) rounds that have been loaded for decades.

 Availability:   THE 66cal  2 ¾”  16ga NeoTec™ FLC  round will depend on the PRICE AND AVAILABLITY OF THE .750 DIAMETER Copper rod. It will be a Aproxamently 410gr (11/16oz) Copper” slug.  Just a few  grains lighter than the traditional (1oz-437gr) 16ga rifled slug, from years gone by. The 16ga will only loaded in a 2 3/4″ case.

Availability:   The 12ga   2 ¾”  &  3” 12ga NeoTec™ FLC  rounds will depend on the PRICE AND AVAILABLITY OF THE .750 DIAMETER Copper rod.     The 73cal 12ga:   NeoTec™ FLC   (1oz+gr) Copper bore size slug was designed to weight the same range as normal recoil of trap and sporting clay rounds. To help hunters understand that a  (465gr) slug is NOT a real a heavy weight slug in 12ga 73 caliber bore.  The 12ga NeoTec™ FLC Copper slug will be loaded in both 2 ¾” and 3” rounds and should be fired in their appropriate length chamber the best performance. The normal (1oz- 437.5gr) bore size 12 gauge rifled slug is a very light and is very short length for the (.730ths) 12ga bore size.

Remember the “Why case length is so Important” ; applies to both the 20ga and 12ga especially when it is fired in a rifled barreled slug gun!


 SHIPPING: Ammunition or hulls shipped by ground service do not require a Haz-Mat fee. Any ammunition shipped by air service does require an Air Haz-Mat fee. Our sales associate can help you with any questions.

ATTENTION:  Residents of CA, CT, DE, DC, IL, KS, MA, NY, OH and WA, check your local laws before ordering ammunition products.  By placing an order, you certify you are of legal age and satisfy all federal, state and local legal/regulatory requirements prior to purchase.

NOTE: By using this product the USER assumes all responsibility for firing this round through any type of a fixed choke or choke tube, period! TarHunt is NOT responsible for any and all damages to the firearm(s), person(s) firing the firearm, and or person(s) as bystanders due to any misuse.
WARNING: FOR FULLY RIFLED BARRELS ONLY. Keep out of the reach of children!

For your reference:  The 20ga Schrifle™ slug must fit the barrel exactly like a rifle bullet fits the bore of a center fire rifle barrel. The 20ga Schrifle™ round was designed to be fired thru a SAAMI spec rifled slug barrel. SAAMI specification for a rifled slug barrel ONLY allows for a .002ths maximum tolerance period! 

The Internal size of a SAAMI specification rifled slug barrel: On top of the rifling (bore diameter) is .609ths minimum and .611ths is the maximum diameters.  In the bottom of the rifling between the lands (grove diameter) is .618ths minimum and .620ths maximum diameter. The 20ga Schrifle Copper 365gr or the NeoTec FLC Copper 355gr projectile is .619ths in diameter, exactly in the middle of the (grove diameters) set at .618ths min. and 620ths maximin diameter.