Switching to Lightfield Slugs

Hi Randy, I want to first say thank you for all of your hard work in the world of slug guns. My question- I have a Browning BPS Deer Special with a 22 inch rifled barrel. I am wanting to switch to Lightfield Slugs, but I do not know where to start as far as which slug to try. The gun is chambered for 2 3/4 -3 inch shells. I will be using the gun for deer hunting. I would be thankful for any help you could give me in selecting the right load for my gun. Thanks for your time Charlie Goodman

Not long ago Browning used the Hybred Exp (White box 2 3/4″) to test their rifled slug gun before shipment.

The Hybred Exp is part of the “SameSite Accuracy” system from Lightfield.
Go to the web site and read about this unique ammo system for slug guns.
You can even buy a sample kit to test this “SameSite Accuracy” system in your gun for 40.00 and it comes with a Lightfield SameSite Accuracy T-shirt.

Three boxes of Sabot ammo and a T-shirt is a good deal anywhere
for $40.00 and no shipping!!!