Slug Type for Black Bear Hunt

Randy, I may be going on a black bear hunt in Maine, and was wondering what slug you would use, if you were to use a slug gun. I will give you the details of my shotgun. Mossberg 500, 24 inch fully rifled cantilever barrel 12 gauge. I am looking at using the Hybrid Elite in 3″ shell. Someone else had recommended the Commander IDS but I am not sure I need quite that much. I’m thinking at the close range of the Maine Forests usually are, the 3″ Hybrid Elite will do just fine. What’s your take? Brent


My feed back on the Elite is that I know of over 50 black bear have been harvested with the 12ga. Elite sabot without issue.  That being said the Hybred Elite is the fasted of the Lightfield Hybred “Same Site Accuracy” trio.  It is a maximum expansion, discarding sabot, meant for 14-18 inches of penetration in game.

The Commander IDS PLUS is controlled expansion, deep penetrating “Heavy Game” sabot.  On the “Lightfield Wild Adventures”  TV show we harvested a 2300lb. Bison at 110 yards and got 37″ of penetration at that distance. It all but shot thru the Bison.
All of the Lightfield “Wild Adventures” TV episodes are available for viewing on the

web site.