Slug Type for a Mid West Deer Hunt

Randy I just submitted a question about which slug to use for a mid west deer hunt using a Remington 1100 cambered for 2 3/4 inch rifled barrel but I forgot to tell you it is 12 gauge and a 4 power scope. Thank you Bob

My choice would be the Lightfield Hybred Exp 2 3/4″ sabot round.
It is a full 1 1/4oz. slug @1450ft/sec and has 2549ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

Has 1121ft/lbs of energy @ 150 yards. That’s well over the 1000ft/lbs required to cleanly take a white tail deer at 150 yards.

Sight this slug in at 2 3/4″ high, dead center, above the bullseye at 50yard. and you will be 1″ high at 100yds, 4″ low at 125 and 9″ low at 150yds.
That means you can hold dead on thru 125yds and RIGHT on the back bone at 150 yards. No Muss No Fuss.

Good hunting and straight shooting,